e.l.f. Cosmetics Eyeshadow Brush

e.l.f. Cosmetics Eyeshadow Brush

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ELF Brushes really are the best for the price. The only thing I do not care for is their foundation brush so I bit the bullet & paid $40 for the Lancome one....but the rest of mine are the Elf brand & they work just great.

E.L.F brushes my the best brushes ive ever owned This brush pats on eyeshadow so well so easy to apply better than my mac brushes!! And the price is insanely cheap a dollar just a doll unbelievably affordable!

The bristles on this brush are very stiff and hard. I prefer my makeup brushes bristles to be soft.

I will never buy any other brand of makeup brushes other than e.l.f. It is the cheapest and it is amazing. Most of the time after I wash and clean my makeup brushes they aren't the same as they were before. These are the exact same no matter how much you wash them. I buy these as gifts all the time.

I bought these because I desperately needed new brushes but couldn't break the bank to get them. Turns out, they have become my favorite brushes! They are easy to clean and use, work with most makeups without a hassle, and are affordable! I love that they are sleek and super soft, that's always a bonus!

You cant go wrong with these brushes. Im a make up artist and I use these. Compared to my mac brushes, there wasnt a diffrence. In fact after cleaning my brushes, the elf sem to take original shape better.

Own three love how my eyeshadow comes out with this brush

I bought this for $1 and it was the best dollar I have ever spent it is a quality brush And I use it more then my expensive brushes. I love Elf products!

One of the main things I love about e.l.f is they put affordable quality products in the reach of everyone. Great for me because I can learn new techniques without spending a fortune.

I just recently bought brushes by e.l.f and I absolutely love them. I've been getting so much compliments on my makeup and my routine. The bristles are soft and help give me a natural look. Def recommend this!

Great Price and works wonderfully! LOL until your kids use it as a paint brush! but like I said it is cheap!haha so I can easily get another one.

Another great piece from ELF. Their products are crazy affordable!

I am a huge e.l.f. fan! I love that they have affordable makeup and tools. I am very impressed with this eye shadow brush. I can apply my eye shadow really easy with this brush, and there is no mess. I prefer to pack on the eye shadow and this does the job. I will purchase more of these and for only $1.00 it's a great buy.

Great quality for a fraction of the price from another brands! It applies the shadows so greatly and the bristles feel like those a high-end brush has.

I love e.l.f eye shadow brush. It's extremely Inexpensive and works as good as an expensive one.