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  • puttchen puttchen

    This is a very good primer that I think is every bit as good as the high end ones. It's silky smooth and helps your makeup to go on and stay on much better. I'm looking forward to trying the pore refining one as well. Can't beat the price at $3 and even cheaper from ELF when they have their sales!

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  • Clemmy By  Clemmy    

    This product is nice because it helps your makeup last all day. I have combination/oily skin and I didn't like packing on the makeup to make it last throughout the day, so I decided to try E.L.F.'s mineral face primer and was surprised at how well it works. One thing to do is to allow it to dry before you apply makeup. I usually allow five-ten minutes for it to set before I put on my foundation. It is clear and lightweight, so it doesn't feel as if you have anything on. You must also store it upright, otherwise product is difficult to get out. It is worthy more than the price as well.


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