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  • Jennipermichele By  Jennipermichele    

    Great game, reminds me of the older version, which is why I like it. It does have some new features and better graphics. My husband has beat the game, but I am still working on it!

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  • lovebeingmomof3 By  lovebeingmomof3    

    My 8 and 11 year old had he best fun playing this game! We eve had a family competition where my sis-n-law and her 4 kids all played together...It was a blast! By far one of my favorite wii games!

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  • ndb555 By  ndb555    

    OOps!!! Sorry wrong game don't know how to delete my comment :) Plus should be 5 stars don't know why it marked 1!!!!!

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  • adegothseir By  adegothseir    

    This is a great game. Still like the old one but with better graphics. I love simpy fun games.

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  • MiEliDavis By  MiEliDavis    

    I agree, difficult, but fun & addicting!

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  • Liny07 By  Liny07    

    I really love this game it really gets your mind off a lot of things and it gets you thinking its very fun especially with more than one player it helps out alot. You dont have to be a kid to play grownups play too!!!!

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  • andieangel3 By  andieangel3    

    I personally love this game, but would agree that it is difficult to play with more than one player. I have three nieces/nephews who are 6/7 years old and some of them are better at playing the game than others - the younger ones just aren't the greatest at being good sports or following what the 'leader' says just yet! They all really love playing even though it is tough. My & my husband's friends also love playing this when we have game nights!

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  • Nikkijo44 By  Nikkijo44    

    we bought this game and i live with my boyfriend who of course has his friends come over every other night. we since we have bought the game, every night i have at least 4 guys in my living either yelling and wooting at each other because they or cusing each other out because they keep bouncing off each others head. This game is quiet amusing whether your playing it or just sitting and watch. If you own a Wii I highly recommend this game

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  • limegreenladybug By  limegreenladybug    

    I agree it is hard to play with more than one player at a time. I am also stuck on the level 2 castle. It is very similar to the older version for Super Nintendo, but harder and better graphics.

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  • yoshimi4free By  yoshimi4free    

    awesome game! i still play the old super nes and nes mario games, but this has a nice twist to it..... and my nephews really love playing with me!!

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  • JenMoo2 By  JenMoo2    

    I agree - some levels are REALLY hard! I played with my husband for 2 hours this morning and we couldn't get past the castle in level 2!

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  • kiss227 By  kiss227    

    This game is great to play alone, for the "child at heart," or for a group. It is much harder to play with more than one player at a time, but makes some aspects of the game easier. The levels are difficult for small children, but older children and adults alike will enjoy beating the rounds.

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