Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment

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I love this product and brand, though the consistancy of it is a little weird to me. Great for my sons rash.

This product is great! Heals babies diaper rash almost over night, compared to others. Not only is it great for diaper rashes but also dry skin, which one of my young ones had a problem with on her legs. I also like to use it on the heels of my feet during the summer when I basically live in sandals, helps the minor cracks and dryness I get. This is definitely a staple in our house.

This product is very useful! I have used it on myself for minor boo-boos as well as on my children

Love this! Multi-purpose! Its the only product I use on my tattoos after getting them done, heals them well and a bit faster than any other products I've tried.

i love this stuff you can use it for a lot of things i put it on my daughters cheeks when they are going to be out in the cold when its really windy to keep their cheeks from getting chapped. i also use it for dry skin or diaper rashes.

Great for cracked skin or skin that needs to be moisturized.

I have severe eczema on both my hands. This product does help control my flare ups which are always really bad.

My Son has really bad eczema & this product works great on his skin! Lotions don't do the trick, this is much more thick than lotion and makes his skin feel so soft after it soaks in. Great product

We love using this product in our household, I have 2 children and use it on them almost daily. My husband and I also have dry skin and this definitely does the trick!

This stuff is wonderful. I have real dry skin and this seem to give long lasting relief even on elbows and feet.

I use this on my son every night before bed! He never gets diaper rash.

Those baby scratches on the face are such a bummer! I went in the store and decided to buy this I was a little ify because of how expensive it was but I said we might as well see if its worth it, and man was it!!! love this stuff I bought the huge jar and use it for everything

Used this on my son. Rashes cleared fast. Will be using this in future...

Loved to use this on my daughters skin, especially in the first month or so. Really relieved her dry-ness

My husband suffers from dry hands, my son and daughter both have patches of excema, and we've been using Eucerin for years. We LOVE it! It keeps my husbands hands moisturized with daily use. Both my children have had excema in patches since they were infants, and we've used this daily after baths and any water works beautifully and keeps the itch, dryness, and "rash" from flaring up.