Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment

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Amazing! This product is amazing! I have used on both my kids nothing comes close!

Great Prodict This product is fantastic it's works so great my grandson has eczema and this is what we use 😊

The only healing ointment to buy! This is a fantastic product! I get very dry skin on my lips and body in the winter time. And the rest of the year as well because I wash my hands a lot as I have five cats and six litter boxes to clean every day. And sometimes have foster kittens so I'm always washing my hands and that makes them so dry. I use Aquaphor Healing Ointment and it's so soothing! And I was just diagnosed with diabetes and my skin gets even dryer now so thank goodness for Aquaphor!

Wonderful We love aquaphor, it's the best version of petroleum jelly mix. It's not greasy and had a pleasant low fragrance. It heals my eczema, chapped lips, baby diaper rash, and general dry areas with ease. Highly recommend.

Best cream! Works amazing and I love using when my skin is dry or after a shower

The Healer As I went through radiation in 2017, my skin turned black. The nurse gave me a sample of Aquaphor and by the end of that sample I saw amazing results. I immediately went out and purchased the large size. My skin to this day looks as if nothing had ever happened to it. I highly recommend this product.

Shingles doesn't have a chance Eucerin Aquaphor Healing OIntment is not only great for diaper rash but is great for any kind of skin irritation. I ever used it on my Shingles that I developed at age 50 and it really helped; shingle never had a chance!

Dry hands This works wonder for my dry hands during the winter season

Best ointment for little bums + Tattoos I use this almost every time someone in my house has a rash or scrape. I have 6 little ones and big little and have tried almost every other ointment on the market and nothing can compare to aquaphore. From minor to a full blown rash from teething, it has never disappointed. plus its good for new tattoos as well ;)

Great for Dry skin I have very bad eczema and this works wonders on me and my families skin. We have patchy itchy skin in the winter time that I have to continually make sure aquaphor is always stocked if not we ate screwed lol.

This stuff is amazing True story: I've never had strong healthy nails - they?re soft, peel, and tear easily. Until now! I recently started applying Aquaphor to my nail beds (since it worked so well on my feet, why not?), and it's worked miracles! I now have strong and healthy fingernails for the first time in as long as I can remember. So happy

Finally a product that works. My one year old has ezema and I never thought I was going to ever find anything to comfort it. Until now I give it 10000 rating I promise when you try it you and your little one will be happy!

I love this product! I love this product! This has been so helpful for my son's eczema. He has had severe eczema since he was about 7 months, he is 4 now and it has cleared up for the most part, but this product has provided so much comfort along the way.

Easy to use any and everywhere... My son has eczema. It itches like crazy. We use prescription steroids to control the itches, but we use them very sparingly....I have found that if we put a nice dollop of Aquaphor on his eczema, and massage it in very well, it keeps the patches from getting dry, and actually helps to control the itch too! I also use it for dry skin on my face and hands as well as my lips. It's a true multi-tasker!

the best thing ever this help me with my babys and granddaugther as well