Target up & up Diapers

Target up & up Diapers

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These are the only diapers that my 15 month old can't pee out of! LOVE THEM! Can't beat the price> I think they are better than pamper and huggies!

I really wanted to like these diapers, but unfortunately, my baby is allergic to them! She developed a bad rash after using them for two days.

THese diapers are the bomb yo!!!

These diapers are okay. I have triplets in different sizes and I did not like that there is no size # or difference in pattern on them. It was too hard to try to figure the right size in a hurry.

I love these diapers!

I love these diapers as well! We started using them when my daughter was around 8 months old. We used Huggies before that and while we liked them, they were pretty pricey, even with coupons. I like the dot design and people comment about how cute they are all the time. We have never had any issues with blowouts or leaks. They are by far the best store brand diaper we have tried.

I don't like Up & Up. The diapers were saggy and bulky.

I love up and up diapers!! I have used them for a long time, we originally only would use huggies and then my daughter went up a size in diapers.. I think we were paying $20 a box for 48 diapers?! INSANITY! Tried Up and Ups and have loved them since! They are equal in quality to the huggies I was using and my daughter has NEVER had an accident with them. On top of that I pay $14 for a box with 70 diapers in it. I will also be using these from the start with our new baby who is due in December

These a good diapers for a store brand. I don't like them as well as pampers or huggies, but for the cost, they're great. I think the dot pattern on the diapers is cute; it's baby-like without cartoon characters.

Since Target redesigned their products to the Up and Up line, the diapers got a lot better. They are softer, hold more, and run a little bigger. They saved me money by buying my daughter a size 4 vs a size 5 in the Huggies or Pampers brands.