Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant Antiperspirant

Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant Antiperspirant

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I honestly had never even tried this deodorant until I received a sample in the mail. I bought another one today, to share with my daughter who complains often about her perspiration. I love the scent...The price, not so much.

Secret Clinical strength is a must have. Love how works under my arms I don't have to keep re applying. And the smell is just right. Kind of pricey but it is well worth it

I've been using this deodorant for years. I've used almost all the scents, and I'm currently using the Light and Fresh scent. It performs well in stressful situations, and smells really nice. I'd definitely recommend it to someone else.

Started using this deodorant when the regular kind just didn't cut it anymore. Love the scent and the fact that it keeps me from sweating like a man.

Love how you put this on and you don't need to worry about it failing. Just wish the price was a little bit more purchase friendly for every day use.

I really like this product. It last a long time. the best

This product works very well and has a nice scent. It works great when the weather is very hot.

Secret Clinical Strength is my only go to deoderant. This is what I have always needed since I tend to sweat more in my arm pits than anywhere else. I could not live without Secret Clinical Strength. It not only prevents sweating but it does a great job of covering up any odor. Love it.

This stuff works well. Love the lavendar scent.

This is literally the best deodorant ever made . It's a little pricey compared to regular deodorant but it works so good. You don't have to ever worry about sweating it off.

This works good, not great b ut it helps! I am a heavy sweater and this stuff has helped me a lot! I use this and the secret outlast together and they work good together. I still sweat but not like i did! Best on the market!

I love this product, it has helped tremendously!

This works wonderful for my teenage daughter.

I have a little problem with perspiration, especially during the summer months, so I purchased this product last year. It worked WONDERFULLY! None of the other deodorants worked at all but this one was perfect and the scent is great, I have purchased this product ever since and I am hooked! Its a GREAT product!

This is pricey for sure, but worth it! I don't love how you apply it at night but it does make the difference. I never stink or perspire much. Its great for really hot days, but you use up the product fast so I recommend saving it for hot, muggy days and special occasions!