Kashi Cereal

Kashi Cereal

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I also received a free sample and used the coupon that week to buy a whole box. Tastes good and just sweet enough.

I love Kashi products & was glad to see a new cereal that my kids might like. They love it & so do I because it is so much healthier than many other full of sugar cereals. It is even great with or without milk for a snack. I will definitely continue to buy this cereal.

I found this product in both traditional and health food stores. The first thing I did was to read the ingredients. I can tell you that I have tried some healthy products that tasted "healthy" versus good. Not Kashi! What a good deal! Good for the mind, body, & the spirit! Plus, the price is very reasonable.

i was a lil unsure when i received a free sample in the mail. i thought, how good could this be? i was surprised i loved it! and now its my #1 cereal !!

This stuff is great! It reminds me of my favorite cereal, Captain Crunch.

It was very good I loved the hint of honey flavor.

Unfortunately, I did not like this cereal.

I absolutely loved this cereal. For something that is good for you I didn't think it would taste so great. My three children also loved it, just as much as they like the sugar sweetened cereals. Glad I got to try it will continue to buy it.

I absolutely loved this cereal! I was amazed that something that tastes this great is also good for you!

I like the Kashi company; they always have great products. I tried their new Go Lean cereal and love it! I'd say, try it!

It's a nice healthy alternative to some of the cereals that have too much sugar & artificial additives. I find it a bit too sweet for adults, but kids should like it.

I tried the Honey Sunshine and it reminds me of Honeycomb but for adults and better for you! Great to nibble on dry, haven't tried it with milk yet. Very filling.

I liked the cereal especially the crunchiness. Have bought the cereal for my family.

I was pleasantly suprised that this did not taste like twigs. It was actually tasty. I used my coupons and passed around some to my friends.

My daughter likes this cereal, but we just got the free sample of the blueberry oat cluster, and she said that it was one of the best cereals she has ever eaten. The sample came with a $2 off coupon.