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  • pinkylove88 By  pinkylove88    

    This soap smells really good and leaves my skin soft, however increases the flaws of imperfections if you have oily skin

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  • Theonlylla By  Theonlylla    


    I would give 6 stars if I could because this soap is the best on the market. When I get out from the shower I feel like I was using a moisturizer. Makes my skin soft and hydrated. Love it.

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  • preetika2393 By  preetika2393    

    Relief for dry skin

    I have always had dry skin and no product has ever worked for me like dove..its got a rich creamy formula that softens the skin in 2 washes..not kidding!

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  • Brettslady By  Brettslady    

    Absolutely love this body bar. I buy it often. Makes my skin feel amazing and the light scent never clashes with my perfume

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  • ShainaCooper By  ShainaCooper    

    Bar soap good for skin.

    I absolutely adore doves products! Especially their soaps. My skin can get dry so when I shower I like to make sure I use products that work! Well Dove bar soap makes my skin feel soft! I love how moisturized my skin is!

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  • Mgirll By  Mgirll    

    Fresh scent

    I buy a lot of different soap bars because I make my own laundry detergent. I like this one particularly because it smells refreshing and clean, and it has a strong smell too.

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  • sixfortheroad By  sixfortheroad    

    I love Dove bar soap for my whole family, It works so well and leaves a fresh scent on my skin.

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  • dmaz2010 By  dmaz2010    

    Dove does it all :)

    I love the smell and how well it moisturizes. Would definitely buy this again.

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  • sukivee1 By  sukivee1    

    dove soap

    I always loved dove soap this one is really special smells nice also and makes your skin feel so soft what more can you ask for!!!

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  • Jennifer40324 By  Jennifer40324    

    Dove Soap

    I love Dove soap.. Dove soap is the only product I use for my family. I trust the brand and quality of the product.. I would definitely recommend

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  • Retiredprincipal By  Retiredprincipal    

    Great Soap for dry skin

    This is the only soap I use on my very dry skin and it does a great job. I buy it in bulk at Costco.

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  • droberts78 By  droberts78    

    Love It!

    I love Dove anything! From lotions to body wash to the beauty bar. Dove always has a great smell and leaves skin feeling soft.

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  • Gjprasad By  Gjprasad    

    Dove is the only bar soap we use in my house, Its a staple item for us. The scent is great.

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  • Eileenann1 By  Eileenann1    

    Dove, I love this soap it is a must in the shower leaving skin feeling soft and cleaned. A must have! :-)

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  • stef42678 By  stef42678    

    Clean and Fresh Scent

    I really love this soap because not only does it have a clean and fresh scent, but it also really cleans. I like that this cleans my skin without drying it out and it leaves it moisturized. This is my favorite beauty bar and something I definitely recommend.

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