Boudreaux's  Butt Paste

Boudreaux's Butt Paste

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I loved this!! It was literally my last stop to ease my sons terrible diaper rash! I wish I would have started with it sooner!! Amazing! I even use it on myself sometimes when its that time of the month!

Love this stuff. I won't buy anything else, it works fast,isn't sticky or gooey!

works on my son but not my daughters

This is the only one that works on my kids' tush!

I love this!! I used to use it on both my kids and it worked great always took the rash away the quickest.

I've used this in my line of work and its very good for the skin.

This is by far the greatest thing since sliced bread! Its the only thing that works on my kids rashes!!! its super thick so you can use it in moderation. All around an amazing product!

I love this butt paste! It always seems to clear up any diaper irritation my children have. We cloth diaper, and it doesn't seem to leave too much residue on the diapers either! Get some and try it!

Simply the best diaper rash ointment out there! Clears diaper rash overnight! My son is 3 and we still use it! Highly recommended!

This is the only thing i use for diaper rash. Love it, works great.

the only butt cream that works!!!

Butt Paste has been a life saver for my overly poopy son. Seriously he poops more than most grown men, it's gross. But all the poop leads to rashes. Butt Paste has been the only product ( out of many that we have tried ) that really gets the job done! We can't live without it.

The BEST stuff on the market hands-down! My daughter has a VERY sensitive diaper area and this is the only stuff that can eliminate problems after one use. I have used SEVERAL different brands in varying strengths and ingredients. Some even caused her to get worse! I bought the huge tube of this because there is no point in using anything else. This is all we need when we encounter any problems in the diaper area. She just recently had a horrendous diaper rash and I applied a very thick layer of this and overnight it disappeared. I recommend this to all new moms I know and put it in gift baskets for baby showers.

This did nothing for my son.

My son used to get bad diaper rash. I tried everything, including this product. It wouldn't stay on his skin well, and just did not help clear it up.