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  • nicolesister By  nicolesister    

    it was ok.

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  • Tina2188 By  Tina2188    

    I absolutely love the Insta Dri from Sally Hansen! I never have time to just sit and wait for my nail polish to dry, and most of the time I feel like my nail polish doesn't dry for hours. But this dries within 10 minutes for one coat. I normally wait for the first coat to dry and then put the second coat. I would recommend this! I have it in Sonic Bloom and love it!

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  • rakesfunnyfarm By  rakesfunnyfarm    

    I've been using this products since it came out.I love the color and how fast it dries.Yes,you do need to put a top on to keep it from flaking off.

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  • robinsonlisa79 By  robinsonlisa79    

    i love the flat brush! so easy to use! and its great when your in a hurry!!

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  • lucy5centsplease By  lucy5centsplease    

    I agree with the other reviewers about the polish wearing off quick, but with the additional top coat (as a reviewer suggested) I haven't had the problem since. Love the fat brush. It does dry extremely fast!

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  • leighann113 By  leighann113    

    I really was not happy with this nail polish. I have tried it a couple times and I just did not like the way it looks and feels. - It did dry really quickly.

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  • browneyes78 By  browneyes78    

    I tried this polish, it's okay. It dries quicker than some others and doesn't chip as easily. I do clear coat, then 2 coats, then clear top coat. Actually hubby does my toes.

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  • sbushnick By  sbushnick    

    I have to say, this stuff pretty much lives up to its name. It does dry quicker than any other nail polish I have used. However, the consistency is....weird. It's thick, and the brush is wide and flat, which takes some getting used to. With some finesse you can get it to look somewhat normal, but it never really looks good. Therefore I don't like the colored polishes. However, I love using the clear topcoat! I think it makes whatever polish I use underneath dry quicker, and it leaves a wonderful shiny finish! Bottom line: skip the colors and head straight for the clear coat.

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  • aniam03 By  aniam03    

    When using this product (or any nail polish) you need a clear base coat, 2 coats of nail polish, and a clear topcoat. Even through vigurous workouts - the nailpolish looked fresh on my toenails - and fresh after a mutlipole of diaper changes, dishwashing and typing. When mixing the nailpolish - dont bang it (creates bubbles and therefeore color chips) you have to run the bottle back and forth between palms. Love the color selection as well.

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  • emmalily By  emmalily    

    Not impressed with this one at all. Hated the applicator brush. Will only paint my kids nails with this.

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  • sp1904 By  sp1904    

    This is probably my favorite nail polish currently for several reasons but, like I find with most nail polishes, it rubs off on things if I don't use a top coat. I have about six bottles of this polish in various colors and really do like it. Because of the shape of the brush, I can paint both my left and right hands easily and tidily. I love it. And I'd recommend it to anyone.

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  • JEM4612 By  JEM4612    

    Good to know... I see this formula at the drugstore and was thinking about getting it because the colors in the bottles look nice. I tried the Sally Hansen Nail Lacquer formula & it was AWFUL! It chipped within 2 days even though I used base & top coat. I wish they would quit with the goofy formulas that don't last & just add new colors to the "last 10 days" formula.

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  • missallylynn By  missallylynn    

    I own three of these nail polishes (presto pink, petal pusher, and jumpin' jade) i must admit i was a bit uneasy if the insta dri was for real or not but was pleasently surprised by the results. Normally when I paint my nails I always seem to bump them into something before it has time to dry but with these I didn't have to worry cause it dried quickly. I found doing two coats was enough and the flat brush was a big plus for me. As for the color I liked it enough though I wish it was a bit more rich. It stayed chip free for about three days ( i didn't have a top or base coat on).

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  • pressuredrop By  pressuredrop    

    Wow. I mostly disagree with these reviews. I have a bottle of this nail polish and I love it. It chips way less than other ones.

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