Maybelline Great Lash Mascara Blackest Black

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara Blackest Black

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This has pretty much always been my go to mascara. The price is great and it's available everywhere. In fact, I started using this product because my mom used it. The bright pink and green mascara is so recognizable. I will continue to use this - can't think of a reason why I'd stop.

use it daily:)

I avoided this one for a long time bc it was cheaper but I finally tried it and found that it works better than alot of the expensive new mascaras.

This mascara is definitely a classic, and great for its price. It doesn't give you long, thick lashes though but I like for day time wear.

This is one of my all time favorite products. Easy on the eyes and wallet.

I like this a lot just gets a little messy at times.

This mascara really brings out your lashes it washes off easy @ easy to apply.

As I have become a "coupon junkie" as of late, I have purchased a few different brands of drugstore mascaras over the last few months and after trying them all I can honestly say that this is still my favorite mascara. It applies very easily and seems to make my lashes look longer and my eyes brighter then other brands I have tried (even more expensive department store brands).

this mascara is my classic oldie but goodie! 40 years of proven effectiveness for eyelashes! I have ventured off the path to try other brands, but have always returned to my Maybelline Great Lash! AWESOME product!

I have been using this mascara since I started using makeup at the age of thirteen. It will always be my go-to classic mascara.

If you are looking for an affordable mascara that gives your lashes a nice look, then this one is it. I used to use it often until I discovered others that were a bit more pricey. Great mascara for the price.

I absolutely love this mascara because it not only lengthens my lashes, but it also adds lots of volume. It is a little expensive, but definitely a high quality product. I love the natural black color and how it coats every lash without clumping. This is my favorite product for making my eyes pop and look amazing.

My go to mascara since I was in high school. It's just great.

Love the brush and the VERY buildable formula. It can sometimes smudge if you are not careful. other then that, its a great mascara for the price.. I guess thats why its been around forever.. a staple in my makeup bag & always will be

have used this mascara for over 30 years and have always loved it it is the best one coat there is