e.l.f. Cosmetics Studio Line

e.l.f. Cosmetics Studio Line

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The studio line is def my favorite. Great quality for the price, comparable to the more expensive counterparts.

ELF carries three lines, the essential (products are $1-$2), the studio, (products are $3-$8) and the mineral, (products are $5-$8). The studio is not my favorite line, but I find myself buying more and more from it and getting more excited when it debuts a new product. I love how the line dupes higher end brands such as NARS, and MAC. The primer which costs $6, is easily as good as Smashbox. Although, I wish they would fix the pump bottle. The cream eye liner is awesome, the blush and bronzer duo is a must have, especially now that three other color combos have been added. The foundation is my new go to foundation, and the concealer stick is the best concealer i have ever used. In fact, the only thing i don't use is the mascara. ELF still has not made a decent mascara. Everything else is worth a try though.

I LOVE elf I collect elf and recommend it to everyone I know! There online sales are awesome and the quality is excellent! Use ecd2 code for 50% off the studio line!

I love ELF cosmetics. I have many of their products and have not been disappointed by very many of them. I highly recommend ELF, especially to people who are just starting out.

This is a very good line. There are definitely some items in the studio line that are far better than the essentials line but not everything is fantastic so I cant give the entire line 5 stars. For instance I really don't like the blushes for any skin tone other than light, they really don't show up all you see is the shimmer. But I absolutely love the brushes and creme liners. It is a really good line.

Its funny, I didnt think I would like ELF. But I do. the price is Great.

Love E.L.F. products very reasonable and work well!

e.l.f. studio mineral infused mascara: This is one of the best products I have ever tried. Because I have short, blond eyelashes I have to wear mascara. But I also have very sensitive eyes that water during allergy season. I have probably tried every mascara on the market, from drugstore to high-end brands, and while I need a mascara to be truly water-resistant, I also need it to be very gentle...preferably without added fibers. This mascara fits my needs perfectly. It doesn't run when my eyes water...I have even taken a quick shower in between activities and had it stay on perfectly! But it also removes easily with cetaphil cleanser (my preference) or facial cleansing wipes (I use ponds exfoliating wipes), so that I don't have to rub my eyes raw like I would with a waterproof mascara. The only negative is that you need to be patient when you apply this because the formula is a bit wet and takes a few minutes to dry. One coat gives a very natural look, but additional coats can be added for drama without clumping as long as you're willing to wait for the first coat to dry. If you bump it while it's wet, it will smear and make a mess. I've learned patience and it's well worth it. Best mascara ever & only $3!

I love ELF because its very affordable. Most of their products are either $1, $3, or $5. The quality isn't too great for the $1 line but its worth the price. If you're a beginner for make up, i would definitely recommend this site. ELF products are decent but they aren't the best. so don't expect too much, you get what you pay for!

i love itttttttttttttttttttt

I saw a bunch of videos on youtube of people raving about this line and I just had to find out what all the hubbubb was about. I have now made two online orders and use these products every single day. Even though it's a bit more pricey than the essentials line it is well worth it.

Even though it costs just a bit more than regular e.l.f makeup, it is well worth it. I didnt think their quality could get any better and they proved me wrong!!

I love the elf studio Line .. even at $3 a piece its still a good deal for decent make-up .. it s even better when you cant a elf studio sale at 50% off making each item $1.50. I love the brushes, translution powder , and bronzers , also the lipsicks are amazing!

I really love E.L.F & they are a low-cost make-up which some people would sometimes look at the price and run because they are a cheaper make-up company, but a lot of their products are wonderful. I recently ordered through for their 7th Birthday sale and got all of my products 70% off. I love the HD powder and their blushes are wonderful also and some are very pigmented. I got fuchsia fusion which is very beautiful shade. I also got Complexion Perfection, Contour Set, and the Bronzer in Warm. All in which I really like. I know people say shipping is a bummer, but you will sometimes spend more in gas to get this make-up at a store if your store even carries it. I was lucky enough to find it at my local K-mart recently and about bought the entire stock :) Kind of addicted to make-up.

This is my favorite line from e.l.f. It really does make my skin look flawless.