Movie The Proposal

Movie The Proposal

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Very good, funny movie!

I love this movie!!! I am not a big fan of any of the actors but after I heard so many good things about it I had to see it and it is just one of those movies that makes you feel all good inside!! I would recommend that everyone watch it.

I loved this movie! Their chemistry was great and the story line was believable. I loved the scenery of both the city and the home in Alaska. I have watched this movie several times and find myself smiling every time I watch it! I think it also has a large part to do with the fact I just really enjoy the two main actors! They were so funny! And Betty White! She was awesome!

SUCH A GOOD MOVIE! It's so sweet, funny, and cute. This is definitely one of my go-to movies! A must watch!

It's a great romantic movie! It's a great chick flick! Love the happy ending of course.

good movie. I love Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds! I liked the storyline & the movie kept me interested.

One of my absolute favorite movies ever. I love the whole thing start to finish. The chemistry between Sandra and Ryan is phenomenal. Makes me want to go watch it right now!

Loved it Betty White is the bomd she is so funny

Awesome movie, predictable yes but very good otherwise!

Very funny, great cast!

Great movie.. It is such a good good chick flick funny!

I love this movie. Betty White is so funny and this is a great pair.

very funny, happy ending!

loved this movie, soo funny!

soooo funny! ryan reynolds and sandra bullock were awesome acting together! and the shirtless shots of ryan were great! :D