Breyers Ice Cream

Breyers Ice Cream

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most of the flavors are safe for people who have gluten allergies, i can feed breyers to my son and not worry that he'll get sick :-)

I have loved Breyer's since I first tried it as a kid. No junk, no fillers, just sugar, cream and fruit. Like the old commercial used to say "if you can't read the ingredients it's not ice cream." So good you take notice immediately!

Best vanilla hands down

only ice cream my husband will eat

Breyers is not bad but its too soft and sweet. I like my ice cream a bid harder and less sugar. The vanilla bean is prob the best but I would prefer to buy stoneridge. Its not as popular but i like the taste better.

SO. GOOD. It doesn't coat your tongue while you're eating it. I hate when an ice cream tastes like its made with heavy cream because it leaves a film on your tongue. This ice cream is nice. It has a very fresh milk taste. I think the mInt chocolate chip would have to be my favorite. B

Very good quality ice cream for the money. The vanilla bean is my favorite out there. They have a great variety in their flavor offerings. The mix ins are generous. Defiantly one of my favorite brands.

I am so disappointed that Breyers changed their formula. Now all the flavors have targum in them which changes the taste. The strawberry has no taste and the texture is un natural. I guess I will have to find a new brand because it sure won't be Breyer's anymore....

Breyers is definitely a brand you can rely on. No matter what your favorite flavor, Breyers never disappoints. Love that they have SO many varieties!

My family's favorite is their mint chocolate chip. Quite a good variety of flavors. We stock up when it's on sale.

Love Breyer's Vanilla Bean... Being lactose intolerent I don't eat alot of ice cream but when I do I'll only buy Breyers Ice Cream...The best...

I love Breyers! I never have to worry about the ingredients! :) They just need to come out with a good brownie batter flavor...

Breyers is the best! Great flavors, this is the only kind of ice cream my family buys!

very good ice cream with good flavors, would recommend to family and friends.

I love Breyers Ice cream & the natural vanilla has always been my favorite with the little vanilla bean specks in it. Yummy!