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Applebees Food

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i love all their food i get a different thing ever time i go

Applebees has great food and excellent service that I would recommend

Applebee's is so good. Great appetizers, meals, desserts, and drinks! The service is usually really good and they're friendly!

i absolutely love their 3 cheese chicken penne. its to die for!

I haven't gone in more than a year. While I loved their salad, the fact that most of their food is extremely high in fat has crossed them off my restaurant list. There are so many other, healthier choices near me.

Never go here because they have okay food and crappy service.

I really like Applebees food. i have never had a problem with them at all. My favorite foods that they have there are Grilled chicken sandwich, which you can also get with bbq sauce and that is good also. I love their chicken fajita's and their chicken fajita rollup w/o pico de gallo. We always get the sampler. I think everyone should try their Blondie for dessert, it's excellent!

Wow, I am sorry for your experience at Applebeeas. Me and my husband go for a dinner very often there, and we love it. They have really good deals( like 2 for $20). The waitress are always nice, and even the managers come to ask us if everything is ok. If a manager does not ask you about your experiense in the restourant you will receive $10 off your next visit. :) I hope next time when you go there to be better :)

I never liked thier food for some weird reason it doesnt taste as good as it looks.

The food at most Applebees are good. some however are not taste.

I used to love Apple Bees. The last few times I've been there the staff has always been rude. and something is always wrong with my order. Lately, my raspberry lemonades have been coming without any raspberry, but the guy keeps telling me "that's just how he makes him." They singe the broccoli to the point where it is inedible, and our burgers keep coming pink. I am not pleased at all.

I enjoy applebees. I think they've really been working on their menu. I usually go on Friday's at 3 for their half-price happy hour with a group of teachers I work with.

i love applebee's. It is one of my favorite places to eat, but the prices have gotten a bit too high in recent years, and the menu a little smaller. i still think that the food is good tho.

I'm not big on Applebee's food. There are only a couple things I will actually eat. Although, I love their fruity girly drinks! I have never had awful service, always been decent. The only reason we keep going back is for the drinks.

I had a horrible experience at an Applebee's in Canada. The food took forever to arrive, approximately 45 mins and the quality of the food was not very good at all. The quesadillas were falling apart and the chicken used had a rubbery texture, like M&M meat shops chicken. Terrible.