Gerber Puffs

Gerber Puffs

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The fact that these puffs consist mostly of air leaves the child always wanting more, so it doesn't really count as a snack. However, they are great for teaching babies how to handle solid foods. My niece and nephew LOVE them, and I buy them quite often.

Little pricey, but my 12 month old son loves them and they travel well!

They taste GREAT! My daughter has to fight my teenage niece for her puffs. They both love them.

My daughter loves these puffs. It dissolves so quickly that you dont have to worry about much. Although she likes to try to eat them all at once.

My daughter loved these things. Easy to take and go, melt in their little mouths so you dont have to worry about choking. Great flavor, i tried them too. Good for their fine motor skills to pick up and nutritious.

My kids love these puffs! My two year old and three year old will still eat them for a snack! Much better than chips or crackers for the kids, I don't know if I will ever stop buying them. They are usually more expensive, so I do find myself buying the store brand.

My grandchildren loved these!

My son has a rare neurological disorder taht limits his ability to chew solid foods. These puffs were great because they disolve and allow him to practice eating with out the danger of getting choked up. We are def. going to be buying these regularly!

My son loves these. I love that they're not messy and the container travels really well. I always have some in the diaper bag! I wish there were more varieties on flavors though.

My two children love Gerber Puffs. These were one of the first foods I felt comfortable giving to them because they dissolve so quickly in the mouth. There is a good selection of flavors though the cherry one is not a big hit in my house. The only reason I gave them 4 stars and not 5 is because the texture is a little weird. That does not seem to bother my kids though!

These were excellent for my son when he was little he LOVED them, my daughter on the other hand didn't like them at all. I love the fact that they're healthy and tasty. :) Wish there were more flavor varieties though.

Have bought these since 2nd grandchild was able to chew, though they melt in their mouths .....4 more have enjoyed them, love the convenience of these little snack and they are perfect for little hands, helps them with eye/hand co-ordination too! A snack we can give and not feel guilty! Have to keep plenty on hand as 2yr old still wants them and will help himself to his sisters snack .....

my son loved a first time mommy i was nervous about finger food but trust the gerber brand i like how most of there stuff has age groups listed on them.

My friend always has these on hand for her little ones and I see how convenient they are. They are great for older kids too!

My kids love these!! Even my husband would sneak some, lol. The taste/texture is a little odd, but with kids not having fully developed taste buds at the age where they eat them, it didnt seem like a big deal.