Taylor Swift Fearless

Taylor Swift Fearless

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One of my daughter's favorites as a teen. I can still sing along to any of the songs!

i love this album. great music

I am 55 yr. old female, I like any and all sorts of music from the righteous brothers, to poison. I like some of taylors' music. I like her voice, and most of her writing. We are not here to be judging her personal life, we all make mistakes. She is young with a lot of life to live, and a lot of learning ahead also.

I enjoy Taylor Swift's songs very much and personally "Fearless" is Probably one of her top fifteen songs that i love.To me she is one of the greatest female singers there are.She is a really great person,her money didn't change her like it does most singers!That is a really great thing about her too! All her songs are really inspiring too!

Taylor Swift im sure will be know as one of the greatest song writers there has been and probably will be one of the largest grossing artists in history, at some point. she is great for a reason! Great voice, great songs, and a caring person to her fans. her music talks to everyone!

I absolutely love this album. It is something that my 12 year old and I can listen to together. What I love about it is that it is still country and not like her last album where it started to get a little darker, pop and angrier. I just like the fun happy feel.

Honestly a really fun and emotional album. Once you listen to the songs it's hard to forget them! Definitely an album every girl should get even if our not that into country:)

Don't consider myself a country fan but maybe that's why I like this album. Her songs are catchy. They stay in your head...even if you don't want them too! I do like who she appears to be and her music....I also think she is incredibly talented.

Great album!

she's a great artist and has very catchy songs. i definitely recommend this album. all the songs are great. I would say digital over cd , i don't use cds that much anymore

Not a fan of Taylor Swift. All her songs sound the same.

Enjoy Taylor Swift. Great artist to get you in a happy mood!!

By far this is Taylor Swift's best album to date. It was before all of the publicity and before her head got full of fame. I love this album because it makes me feel happy!

i love this cd but it's not better then the first one she made that one is my favorite so far

Some of her songs I have liked but in general I don't see why such a fuss is made over her. I didn't like anything I heard on this album. I think all her music is the same, whining about someone else and how they are all to blame for all her troubles.