Taylor Swift Fearless

Taylor Swift Fearless

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great album I can play in the car with my kids listening

My daughter is such a Taylor Swift fan! We love to turn her music up and dance crazy around our home! She is someone that I am comfortable to allow my daughter to listen to her and know she wont be infuluenced to do the wrong.

Loved this cd and taylor swift my daughter dances around and sings all her songs

My daughter Taylor just loves Taylor Swift. We own every CD and even some of the DVDs.

I love Taylor Swift! Ive never heard a song by her that I dont like.

T Swift is a great artist and role model for young girls today.

favorite female artist, loved this album..not a big fan of her newest album though.

I enjoy most of her music, and this CD does not disappoint. Her songs are fun to sing too and I love how most of them are whimsical.

I'm a 38yr old woman and I love Taylor Swift - the girl is just downright talented. Writes her own music, plays multiple instruments & she has really stayed true to who SHE is, not who her label or fans want her to be. My son and I crank Never Getting Back Together whenever it comes on in the car - and we both sing it at the top of our lungs .... her songs are so much fun!

Taylor Swift is very talented young women. One that I don't have a problem with my young girls looking up to. We love her music.

Love this cd fearless is my favorite song

We listen to her CD all the time. Love it.

Anyone who knows me knows I'm pretty much in love with Miss Swift here. I love the Fearless album although it's not my favorite, I have to say Speak Now or Red is although her self titled Taylor Swift album is amazing, I love that one and hold it close to my heart. I find this has the nice high school love, falling for someone,and just realizing things about yourself and about who you're into and dating. This album is very easy to relate to at that time.

love, but it isn't for everyone.

Love her voice and catchy songs.