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  • angie_ki By  angie_ki    

    I love this thing. This doesnt feel oily at all and it hydrates my skin!

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  • Photogchik By  Photogchik    

    I get dry skin around my nose and on my chin, and this works like a charm to fix it.

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  • savingprivatekelly By  savingprivatekelly    

    Great product! Love that its a gel and the consistency is great. Doesn't leave residue or film on my skin. It's very light on the skin and moisturizes very well.

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  • Brashmom72 By  Brashmom72    

    OMG this has been the best for me through the summer season this year. I have been in the sun so much and my skin needed the moisture surge and this provided it for sure!!! This is used in our house we love it, it's light and not greasy and just makes your skin feel so nice without any oily feeling.

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  • AnswerChick By  AnswerChick    

    Love! Love love love this cream. I received a sample of this and was actually digging the dregs out of the corners to get every molecule of it out. It's nice and rich, and definitely moisturized my super dry skin. The best part was that it gave my skin that slightly glossy look that I like...maybe the word I'm looking for is radiant? However, it may be too thick for oily skin types. Since any moisture on my own skin has to be applied rather than be created naturally, this one gets two thumbs up from me!

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  • i_speaks By  i_speaks    

    I received a sample of it so I took it with me when i was on vacation since it was the perfect travel size. Love that it leaves my skin feeling soft, but not greasy. i think this would be a great summer time moisturizer when you don't want that heavy cream during hot days.

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  • IsmaRod By  IsmaRod    

    I have used this moisturizer for years and its great. It feels good in the skin, its not greasy and your skin will absorb it fast. I keep mine in my refrigerator, its great to use it as a mask too.

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  • CandRsmom By  CandRsmom    

    If you have dry skin this product is for you!! I love this, especially during the dry winters. I actually carry the sample size with me to gently dab a thin layer on my nose, forehead and the dry spots on my cheeks. This works great if you apply it immediately after washing your face, or even after you have put your makeup on. It sinks right in and even leaves a bit of a dewy glow, not sticky, just a soft glow!

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  • tam0706 By  tam0706    

    I first used this product after receiving it with a sample pack given to me when I made another Clinique product. It is a very smooth and silky moisturizer. It is pricey but goes along way and if you watch for Clinique's Spring and Fall Sales you will receive a whole bunch of samples with purchase.

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  • DarilynSue By  DarilynSue    

    I use Clinique Moisture Surge every day, twice a day. It makes my skin so soft. The one place on my face that I've been most impressed with this product is under my eyes. I have really dry skin & the skin under my eyes is so dry that when I apply concealer it tends to make my eyes appear to have lines underneath them. I apply this product under my eyes every morning before applying makeup, & I apply it every night before bed after cleaning my face. It's made a visible improvement in the dryness under my eyes. I highly recommend this product.

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  • amyclay25 By  amyclay25    

    I have used this product for several years and just love the silkiness it adds to my skin. The moisture really lasts and is a great remedy for dry skin. Results are seen quickly and it only takes a small dab.

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  • Stefy05 By  Stefy05    

    Love this product. I have been using Clinique Moisture Surge since I was 20, it keep my face Hydrated.

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  • sunkissed7787 By  sunkissed7787    

    I love this product! Its a nice thick almost gel of a cream and it feels cool when applying. I really think it helps with dryness, especially in the winter and it is great for my sensitive skin. While it is very moisturizing, it is very light on the skin. Only thing I'd love more would be if they had a version with SPF.

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  • diglia By  diglia    

    I use it as overnight mask, makes your skin super smooth and moistured

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  • jackster By  jackster    

    I liked it!

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