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  • angsmith By  angsmith    

    Great snack for on the go, kids back packs, in the car and in my desk drawer to get me through some of the extra hungry days.

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  • lmurphy831 By  lmurphy831    

    I like the added fiber in these and they taste pretty good. These are a good snack for holding over between meals.

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  • sarahburgess By  sarahburgess    

    i keep these in my gym bag my car and my house you should too

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  • savingprivatekelly By  savingprivatekelly    

    I eat oatmeal every single day and this is perfect on the go. Easy to make, easy to clean up.

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  • didona1966 By  didona1966    

    Ilove theese for breakfast on the go and they taste great

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  • Mema46 By  Mema46    

    Don't like the taste

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  • AsiaDiva By  AsiaDiva    

    Yes! The Quaker Oatmeal to go bars are so good and for you with high fiber included especially. I can't eat the hot slimly and gooey oatmeal it upsets my stomach. This is greatest thing could have came out with. Taste really great!

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  • ammsan By  ammsan    

    Big fan of these, all time. When ever I visit my grandma, I make sure to get this for her. She loves me and I love her; wants to keep her healthy always.

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  • beckab78 By  beckab78    

    Very tasty. Quick n easy on the go. Not real sweet .... I like these...

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  • mmrodriquez07 By  mmrodriquez07    

    These on the Go Oatmeal Bars are really good for helping you get the little snack you need or helping you pick up your fiber intake. Always a must have at work when I skipped breakfast at home!

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  • cutter37 By  cutter37    

    The only oatmeal we will buy.

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  • enchantedtales By  enchantedtales    

    I would have to say that this is not my favorite. I do not care for the tastes, it is not filling. I do not plan to buy this in the future.

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  • MaraMcD By  MaraMcD    

    These are okay. Thre are other bars I like better. They taste fine but they are a little bland.

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  • Kango51982 By  Kango51982    

    The bars are okay. Not for on the go people which I normally grabbing what I can and running out the door. You will need a beverage with you to help you with the dryness. How I ended up eating these with crumbling them in my yogurt in the morning.

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  • cwpugh30 By  cwpugh30    

    Good warmed up with coffee or hot tea and if you need to grab and go!

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