Red Box DVD Rentals

Red Box DVD Rentals

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I used to love redbox because they always have good new movies but recently I got charged with no warning for a dvd I returned and they charged full price

RedBox is great! They are located everywhere and you can return them to any RedBox (not just the one you rented it from) The price is already low, but they also email you discounts at least twice a month that makes renting a movie less than $1. You can check out the movies online, see which area RedBox actually has it and even reserve it.

I love Redbox! They have the newest movies and it's really affordable, if you remember to bring them back! I get free codes sent to my phone every month, and it's great! Redbox is cheap and convenient enough for a movie marathon day with your family or friends!

Redbox is simple and cheap to use. My 65 year old mother loves it.

Good price, but It'll be better with more movie variety or rotation

Love good price !

Cheap, convenient, user friendly. Only downfall is the limited quantity of movies.

red box rocks it is easy, cheap, easy, fast, great phone app... it is so convenient and user friendly. if you have not tried a red box yet, it is a MUST.

Redbox is convenient because its right in the grocery store and the kids love to scroll through the movies !

i have a free code for this just by signing up

So convenient, and affordable- I can always come up with an extra $1.30, the video store near my house charges $4/rental, so does VUDU. Customer service is good, too...I was not able to return a movie once due to equipment failure and the customer service rep was able to manually return it for me and gave me a code for a free rental.

I love how Redbox is fast & convenient, as well as affordable.

My husband and I rent at Redbox atleast 5 times a month. I really like the service they provide and will continue to use it as long as they don't raise the prices sky high like the Block Buster boxes did. It's also great t hat you can always find promo codes to use for Redbox to keep the price down.

At my house we use Redbox as a supplement to Netflix for new releases. The price is really great and I also enjoy using the occassional freebie coupon codes where we get a night's rental for nothing. It's nice to be able to check availablity online before we head to the box and the convenience of having the Redbox kiosks at the grocery stores and drug stores we frequent is also great.

I fear change....ha.... so I avoided the redbox for a long time, but now that I have tried it, I love it! It seems like no matter where you are, there is a redbox nearby, and the awesome thing is, you can return the movie to any redbox, not just the one where you rented it. They are super inexpensive, there is a good variety, I've never had a problem with any of the discs not playing, like I have from movies I've rented from the blockbuster stores, and you can't beat the price! I even get emails from them confirming movie returns, etc, and sometimes even codes for free rentals! They have some bluray movies too! Love it!