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  • cbaker06 By  cbaker06    

    I like this razor for how it leaves my legs super smooth and there isn't any stubble left over, but i don't like the moisture strips. they dry out really quickly, and once they are dry they are really uncomfortable to shave with. However, I have really sensitive skin and the Venus razors don't irritate me, which is a bonus!! for me personally, there are different Venus razors that do the same job for a little less money.

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  • sbushnick By  sbushnick    

    i actually didnt like this razor very much. i found the head of it to be really bulky, and the moisturizing strips dried out really quickly. the cushion thing dragged across my skin and didnt feel very nice. i much prefer the other venus razors with only 3 blades...5 just seems unnecessary!

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  • Dranna By  Dranna    

    i agree... i think it's a great razor, but too spendy. i'd get it more if it were cheaper!! haha

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  • Kristi By  Kristi    

    I love this razor, just wish it was not so expensive.

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  • beaniewrinkle By  beaniewrinkle    

    love it! just wish it wasnt so pricey!

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  • joy9281 By  joy9281    

    Any gillette venus razors are my favorites they are totally worth the money I put into them.

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  • APatience By  APatience    

    This is the best razor I have ever used. I've never cut or nicked myself and I stay smooth for days longer than any other razor.

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  • surgomatic By  surgomatic    

    i used to use the disposable razors and one would last me about a month but i would always have stuble!! then i asked my mom what she used and she said the venus razor so i was getting married in a few months and thought i should try it so i wouldn't have stuble on my wedding day!! this is a really good razor!!!! one cartridge lasts at least 2 months for me and they are more expensive but i don't have stuble anymore and i never get cut from this razor!!!

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  • Leisha By  Leisha    

    I am gonna try this razor. I just hate spending alot of money on razors!! But, if it works well and gives a good lasting close shave then its worth it! Cant wait to try it out!

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  • tinafruge By  tinafruge    

    love this razor

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  • Von411 By  Von411    

    I really like the venus razor. Leaves your legs smooth and soft..

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  • KButler By  KButler    

    This razor is great! I was using a Gillette razor before this one and I swore I would never change.....until I found this. I haven?t gotten as many cuts from shaving since using this razor too.

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  • sibne01 By  sibne01    

    This is the razor I buy. It gives a close shave.

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  • silverfox2010 By  silverfox2010    

    Our daughter loves this razor. She lost it while on vacation was adamant that no other brand could substitute. My only qualm is the pricing, but she swears it is worth the money.

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  • kynana By  kynana    

    I love this razor,no nicks & cuts.

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