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  • swthrt126 By  swthrt126    

    Although rather difficult to remove thats waterproof doing its job. This mascara definitely does its job, I absolutely love it!

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  • Randimichelle95 By  Randimichelle95    

    A bit flakey but great length tho my lashes!

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  • jazcristi By  jazcristi    

    It's just as advertised stays on all day because it's waterproof and does not clump too much. It is however hard to get off, so I just use make-up remover.

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  • newmomy By  newmomy    

    aaaaa is more of the same

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  • malikkhatoon By  malikkhatoon    

    LOVE THIS MASCARA EVER!!! I am a mascara fanatic and after trying a million mascaras I have stuck to this one. I have long full lashes and it makes them look longer and fuller. Very build able without flaking, lasts all day. lasting curl, dark color, no clumps and doesn't dry out. I get compliments all day every day on my lashes when wearing this.My friend with short sparse lashes tried it as well and it did wonders for her lashes too!! Definitely recommend this product.

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  • EL_549 By  EL_549    

    Mascara is usually the only make up I wear, liked the rimmel mascara except it was a bit thick and glue like

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  • minusculedot By  minusculedot    

    This mascara does not do much for your lashes. The only thing it will do for sure is make your lashes darker. The brush looks cool but it really is not effective in getting the inner and outer corners of the lashes. Not a buildable mascara either.

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  • Tylisa By  Tylisa    

    i really liked this mascara in the begining it was so volumizing and nice, but i noticed after a few months went by the product started to get a little more gunky then i would have liked it ti be. I know mascaras have a normal lifespan of 6 months but it didnt exactly last that long for me.

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  • apatterman By  apatterman    

    Adds a nice length without clumping, but no thickness. It also can be flakey somewhat

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  • therosegirl By  therosegirl    

    The shape is more of a novelty than anything. Although it did give me separation, everything else was just average. It's not the best mascara ever, but gets the job done, not to mention Rimmel is usually a couple of bucks cheaper than other brands.

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  • Rachel_3024jenkins By  Rachel_3024jenkins    

    i didnt like this mascara that much :/ i thought the brush wasnt very good!!

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  • evelynguzman By  evelynguzman    

    Gives you great lashes

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  • yeniffergross11 By  yeniffergross11    

    i like

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  • JCLonneville By  JCLonneville    

    I like this mascara, does what it says it will. My friends and I are noticing it is going up in price though...

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  • daisy7112 By  daisy7112    

    i did not like this for my eyelashes. i have full lashes and all it did was clump them together and the Brussels on the brush were really small maybe thats why but i did not like it

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