CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara

CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara

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I received this in my P&G Most Loved Sampler Box and while I REALLY wanted to love it, mascara that is not waterproof just doesn't ever work for me, I blame my mom for that trait. It's nothing against the brand or the mascara, because I gave the sample to my sister after it failed on me and she LOVED it, I rated it 3 stars just based off of my own experience. My eyelashes always droop with regular mascara, there are only a few brands that I can get away with not using waterproof, unfortunately this was not one of them.

After trying Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume Mascara a few times, I don't think I would purchase this again if I spent my own money. What I do like about this product is the brush size. CoverGirl states that the brush in the Lash Blast Volume product is, the biggest ever in a CoverGirl mascara product. So, I like the coverage it provides. Also, it does provide 100% more volume as advertized. Now for the cons....the mascara itself is a clumpy mess. It's way too thick. I'm the kind of girl who spends less than 10 minutes on her make-up routine, and I felt like I was spending 10 minutes trying to get my lashes unstuck from each other. The mascara seems like it needs to be diluted a bit, but it clearly states not to on the package.

Loved the color and quality but don't like the brush.

Wand was a little bit gunky, and I had a couple of flakes irritate my eyes, not good. Did come off easy with a makeup remover wipe, though.

Goes on smoothly, but flakes off terribly.

Very good do need to clean the tip for better application.

i liked it ,highly recommend it

While it wouldnt be my number one go to mascara it was still very nice. it lengthen and didnt clump to much. I like thinner wands though because it easier to seperate my lashes that way.

much better than my usual dollar store mascara but not the best i've tried. I like that it is nice and thick tube and not as slippery as my other kind but i am not a fan of how thick and clumpy it goes on

I personally did not like the brush on this mascara. It was really big and didn't seem to give my eyelashes much length at all. It did provide some volume, but not much for length which is what I really need.

It works ok.. It does clump my lashes together at times.. But on another note it doesn't smudge and is easy to remove.

This mascara was ok. It didn't give me much volume, just some length. If you want a more "natural" look, this is for you.

I was so glad this mascara came in to review because i had been wanting to try it. I liked it at first but being someone who wears alot of mascara and very picky about mascara. It is good but not great. Will not make me want to switch my current mascara to this one. I agree it does clump up a little. And not a big fan of the kind of brush. I would say this mascara is Ok.

I am definitely a fan of CG mascara. Good price in the store, easy to find, easy to apply. I found that it went on well and was easy to add additional layers without clumping. It really does lengthen my lashes and make them look thicker and more noticeable. Thanks for this opportunity to try!

I have this mascara in my makeup bag, and I believe it is the second time I bought this product and I have no complaints about it.