Febreze Air Effects

Febreze Air Effects

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Works wonderfully at making my house smell fresh and clean!

We have a cat and a dog in our house... We love Febreze! Not an overwhelming scent but just enough.

I am very faithful to febreze. Ever sense I was young I remember having it in the house. It was able to cover the Oder of my Maine coone cat. I would buy this product over and over. Smells amazing and works great.

We spray Febreze everywhere all the time. I feel like it doesn't work as well as it used to now that they have all these fancy scents in the little aerosol cans though. I much prefer the original product. That being said, I like the variety of scents that they do have available, and I wish that they would last just a little longer.

I love febreeze! So many wonderful smells they have .. I use it everyday in the house, furnature, car.. EVERYWHERE! lol :D

Love it. It works great I think even if I have to spray more then once a day. I always buy it when it on sale so I am stocked up because the price could be a little better.

Love Love Love this product. I do find it being pricey but using it with a coupon comes in handy. Great for a pick me up when spraying a great scent. It doesn't seem to last very long so reapplying is a must. It doesn't get rid of all smells, just seems to mask them a little.

Best and smells great

In my opinion, Febreze air fresheners are the best out there! You only need to use a little spray and it works quickly to freshen up an odors. I always have one for the bathroom, kitchen, and bedrooms.

I absolutely love the scents that Febreze carries and find it works really well to clear up odors!!

I like Febreze products,especially the air freshener and fabric freshener which I spray on the couches,curtains and drapes;it leaves the rooms smell good.

I like that the scent is nice but not too overwhelming.

Has a great smell & takes away odors!

I have one in every room even in my vehicle. This product is incredibly good at getting rid of odors.

I love using febreeze products. it doesn't take much to make the house smell great!