Febreze Air Effects

Febreze Air Effects

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Great air fresheners! I like the tropical scent the best - keep it in the bathroom!

LOVE my Febreeze! Whether it's the boys, the dog or just the bathroom smells - this gets rid of them all!

I love it! I works great on smells and keeps the room smelling great for hours!

I love Febreze products. The sent lasts for hours

love the fine mist and dont feel like im eating airfreshener after I spray it!!

I love the variety of scents and it covered the odors well.

I think Febreeze makes good products! This makes my home smell fresh and helps with any dinner after smells.

Love febreeze! Covers up the smells left behind by my kids and cats.

I love the smell!! I like to keep my house smelling clean so I use this. It works great!

I love the Febreze air effects. They have a variety of fresh scents and also helps eliminate odors. I am now a fan of one of their newer scents for spring...Sunflower and Sunshine. I would recommend this product.

We like the scents available in the Febreze Air Effects. They are strong enough without being too overpowering. They are very affordable at our local dollar stores.

I use febreze air freshener every day. I love it on my couch, furniture, drapes, etc. Works great, and has a nice lasting scent that's not too overpowering.

with 4 dogs this is the best thin ever!

I love the way it smells and that it last awhile

As a pet owner I use this product several times a week to keep my home smelling fresh and odor free.