Naked Juice Drinks

Naked Juice Drinks

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Great for on the go Such great flavors to choose from, I usually drink one of these for breakfast when I need a little boost of energy.

:( Delicious but the sugar constant contant is way to high for most bottle sizes!

Disguised So sad since there are so many fantastic flavors of these Naked Juices. I guess that is probably because of the sugar content in them. No wonder i get that nagging afternoon lull! Bummer, just plain bummer!

I really like this drink. Its good for when your on the go a lot or you done have time to eat.

Yumm Very good my favorite is orange one kind of pricey but worth it for me.

The perfect pick me up Naked Juice rocks! My kids (15, 11 & 7) often go to the grocery store with me. Every time we hit the location where the Naked Juice is's "Mom, can I get one of these?!" It's good for them so I don't feel back. My son is on his school's water polo team and this is often the "before/after practice pick me up" he needs.

Yum I love these when I?m sick or don?t have enough time for a proper meal. I get all my vitamins and can get protein options too. They all taste great too. I love to get the C Monster when I have a cold.

Tastes good! Delicious and I'm sure good ingredients but could do without the sugar and kind of expensive.I would rather make my own. Convenient for people in a hurry though.

I love these I haven't had a flavor I didn't like.

Naked Juice i like some of the flavors. however, some are bitter. i prefer the fruit ones. my problem is that they are very expensive, have a lot of wasted calories and some have lots of sugar. they are very good and satisfying, at least some of them are.

Delicious and nutritious juice your whole family is sure to love. The varieties in flavors help make ur even pickles eater fall in love

Yummy but not very healthy! These are really good. My favorite is the Green Booster. But they do contain lots of sugar.

Best smoothie ever I buy Naked smoothies all the time and substitute it as a breakfast most of the time. Love it and also so satisfying

Very delicious with nutritional value always a plus.

These are yummy, but they?re not too healthy and they?re a bit pricey. I get a bottle rarely for a treat, because that?s I feel these are. Plus, I?d rather make a smoothie at home- it?s more economical.