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Pampers Diapers

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Pampers gave my daughter a rash.

Great diapers, but I wish the swaddlers came in some of the larger sizes and had elastic on the back top. Other than that, they are a top pick.

I love pampers both of my boys are using pampers and they hold so good. Neither of them have had diaper rashes yet. I have a 14 month old and a 2 month old and they have both done great in pampers.

Wonderful diapers that are worth the money. They very rarely leak and are soft for my babys skin. I love all the pampers products.

Best brand for diapers ~ love the Swaddlers line for my 1 month old.

Just don't think other brands match up to the quality of Pampers.

These are the best ones Ive found as well. Ive tried everything and these held the most over time, although we are having a problem with the runniness of teething as well. I would recommend these over any other brand anyday.

I have ten children, and Pampers is the best diaper. Just start with Pampers, the rest aren't worth it.

I liked pampers a whole lot better with my son than I do with my daughter. Not sure if it is the difference in gender or if the product has changed in three years, but not a big fan as of recent.

the newborn size of the swaddlers is great. i love how gentle they are, how comforting they make my daughter feel, and i love the little line through the middle that tells you when they are wet! however, now that she's in size one, she and my two year old daughter both manage to pee once and it'll soak right through the diaper. it's as if it's just wrapping the baby in a thin hand towel and hoping to keep them from peeing through it... for newborns, i think they are great. but for any other size, i think that the Parent's Choice brand from Walmart is 100% better! for the price and the effectiveness of them it's totally worth it!

My son is 5 months old and I love these diapers. We have used other brands and they fall apart and leak but not Pampers

amazing holds liquids very well. hardly leaks and smells good.

I have always had great experiences with Pampers diapers. The Swaddlers are ideal for newborns, especially with the wetness stripe. My children have never experienced any skin resctions to the diapers as they have with cheaper store brands. I love that they are sold at Bj's, often with a high dollar coupon!

All of their diapers work great; I have used them with all three of my children. They do a good job keeping everything in even if the diaper is full.

we have tried every brand under the sun with my son and these hold up better than any others. my only problem is that it just can't handle his diarrhea from his teething, but once again i can't find any others that can either. with the exception of this lasted issue we have loved them and will most likely continue to use them with future children