Hormel Compleats Kids Macaroni & Beef

Hormel Compleats Kids Macaroni & Beef

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My 5 yea old like this one. She was the only one to taste this one. I'm guessing the sauce was also sweeter than the pastas we usually eat.

This one was our second favorite (after the ravioli). My son (age almost 7) requested that I stock up on this flavor.

The grandkids also enjoyed this one. They are 3 and 5.

My 3 year old really liked this. There was enough sauce to dip some garlic toast into and the flavor was good.

Again, my son loved it. I love the cook time and clean up time.

Looked and smelled good but my kid only ate a few bites.

my kids didnt like this at all..

This didnt go over well in our house, neither of my children would eat it. They didnt like the smell or taste at all.

Didn't go over very well. She didn't like the consistancy.

Not great but it was OK the kids liked it somewhat, the meat isn't very good

It was a bit soggy. My daughter, who will normally eat anything you give her, tried it and pushed it away. It was not a hit, and I tried it and wasn't too impressed.

My thirteen year old loved it. He said it was a good flavor. I'm not sure it is enough to fill him up for a regular meal but would make a good after school snack.

My son really liked this. He is 13 and said that he was surprised that it was so good, and that it was actually enough to satisfy him for an after school snack. I'm sure it wouldn't be enough for him for a meal, but I don't think they're intending to satisfy a 13 year old appetite. He said he'd like to have these in the house for easy snacks for him.

We tried this one today, yes, I try everything I feed our son. He enjoyed it, good overall flavor. It heated to a perfect temperature for a toddler.

my son didnt like it that much.... they dont like the texture of the meat