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Pampers Diapers

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Not a big fan of Pampers for the price I have never found them to be very absorbent.

We tried all sorts of diapers and ended up with Pampers Swaddlers, in addition to Pampers sensitive wipes. I'd highly recommend! Definitely keep up with your Pampers codes on Gifts-to-Grow, though! We are getting close to being able to get a free tricycle!

These are the best diapers for my little girls!! I have tried several other name brands and generics and they either leak or give my girls a rash. Pampers have never failed me yet!!

I have had nothing but issue with these diapers, leaks can be a problem, even with one urination this has been a problem... On top of which 3 of 4 have have severe allergic reactions to the product. The name brand with the best commercials is NOT always the best!!!

I love pampers. I tried Huggies and Luv's because they are cheaper - but literally, they are cheaper. Cheaper made... and they don't hold up as well. Huggies - compared side by side to Pampers doesn't have as many count diapers in the same size packaging. I'm a couponer and even though there are tons more coupons for Huggies and Luv's are cheaper - I will always be a loyal pampers fan! And I especially love how much softer they are (in all sizes now too) than the papery Luv's and Huggies. Go with Pampers and you will not be dissapointed!

Pampers are the best!! Anything generic does not absorb as well as pampers! All three of my kids have worn pampers, I love getting coupons from pampers too! Generic diapers also give my kids a rash!

I really like pampers. I still swear by Luvs but if pampers are on sale that's what I get. I DO NOT like huggies or any store brands. Huggies bunch up and feel like clumps of cotton. Cant be comfortable for my boogie. I would buy pampers more if they were around the same price as luvs. Both work really well. All in all pampers are a great product!

Pampers are my favorite diaper to use on my 6th month old son. He has never had any irration or rash, he doesn't pee through like he was with the other diapers we tried and they fit him the best. They may be more costly than other diapers but his comfort and their dependability are well worth the price in my eyes.

I think these are good diapers, but I feel they are too expensive. In my opinion, other brands can provide the same quality at a lower price.

I have used only pampers for my 2 children and have never had any problems with leaks or rashes. I had a diaper drawing at my shower and asked for pampers only please!

Pampers are my #1 choice of diaper! The only time I use anything different is when there is a major sale on Huggies.

Of all diaper brands I have tried Pampers are one of the worst ones I have used.

Havent used anything but Pampers and I dont think I am going to switch now!

I will not use anything but Pampers Diapers for my daughter. This is because she is bigger in the butt and legs and I don't feel that Huggies is stretchy enough or fits her in the right way. Pampers is perfect for her. Hardly ever any leaks and great absorbency. I would definitely recommend Pampers!

Pampers are great & the scent always reminds me of the days my kids were born. (Our hospital uses Pampers). That said, there are other brands that are just as good at preventing leaks & cost less.