Twix Caramel Chocolate Cookie Bar

Twix Caramel Chocolate Cookie Bar

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Chocolate, cookie, and caramel. Who would not love that? This is my Step sons Favorite candy bar.

Yum! So Good, I wish i had one right Now!

This are my favortie sindulgent treat that I hide from everyone in this house! I love the crunchy cookie...the caramel and the milk chocolate outside...simply put PERFECTION

A classic taste that can't be beat! The caramel, chocolate, and cookie combination make my mouth and I both smile every time I indulge in my favorite candybar. Twix tops my list!

I love chocolate and carmel together, add a cookie crunch and its perfection.

I can't get enough of Twix bars. They've got the perfect combo of chocolate, caramel, and cookie crunch that just makes you go mmmm. When I just need to relax and enjoy a little me time, I grab a twix!

Twix is one of my top 3 favorite candy bars.

who doesn't love Twix????

YUM, YUM, one of my favorite candy bars! I like the carmel and the crunch.

This is absolutely one of my favorite candies, So tasty!!

Great candy bar! Chocolate, cookie, and caramel. I wish I had tried the java Twix!

Twix has always been one of my favorite brands of candy bars, and I really don't eat candy bars that often. There is just the perfect amount of chocolate/caramel and that cookie crunch! Sometimes a little goes a long way!

I LOVE twix they are by far my favorite

One of my favorites and it takes me back to my childhood:)

My favorite all-time candy :) Although unlike the original poster, I cannot share the other piece. I always devour the hole pack haha.