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  • Canzash By  Canzash    

    I'm not really a coffee-person but this got my full votes on the first try itself! Apart from it being refreshing, it was even FILLING! Like I was starving when I resorted to drink this for the first time and I was glad it satiated both my hunger and thirst for at least an hour. It's even proportionately sweet so if you are into chilled dairy beverage then do give it a try!

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  • judybird2 By  judybird2    

    These are so refreshing when you need a pick me up and a little energy boost, but don't want to drink something hot. A cold Starbucks Cappucino bottle is the perfect drink in hot weather.

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  • mynestinginstincts By  mynestinginstincts    

    So delicious!

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  • angie1966 By  angie1966    

    It has taken some time because I am oldschool when it comes to coffee but I really like this product. Especially on hot days like we have here in Oklahoma

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  • naomicyoder By  naomicyoder    

    These frappuccino drinks are delicious. I love when they are on sale because I stock up. They are a great afternoon pick me up.

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  • MistyAnn By  MistyAnn    

    this is ok, I make it better at home

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  • annarae7268 By  annarae7268    

    Love the mocha flavored. A little pricey, but you spend the same when you just purchase one flavored coffee drink from Starbucks.. Gives me a good energy boost in the afternoon.

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  • TabithaLyn By  TabithaLyn    

    Great drink for when a starbucks is not nearby however a little pricey.

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  • Silvery By  Silvery    


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  • lfreas2 By  lfreas2    

    it's very conveient but I don't care for the taste it's definently not as good as when you order at the starbucks this bottled beverage I could live without

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  • csshughes By  csshughes    

    super tasty!!! Also very convenient for an on-the-go individual

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  • erikameister By  erikameister    

    exceptional! i really love the light versions. this is a great product and tastes so wonderful. price point is good, quality is great, perfect midday treat.

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  • Angelinakindness By  Angelinakindness    

    I love coffee drinks. This is one of my favorites. It is grade A, in my book.

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  • lnlygrl96 By  lnlygrl96    

    Finally a drink that really taste like coffee and makes you feel energized!!! I love it and always buy it when I need and energy boost.

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  • gghosh50 By  gghosh50    

    I love these for the bottles! Super cute glass bottles that you can do all sorts of things with! The Vanilla flavoured one tastes good, too.

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