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  • logirl12 By  logirl12    

    I love them..mine do not leak,and i love that they do not have as many pieces as the other sippy cups

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  • kts1987 By  kts1987    

    I have lots of these cups and my 16month old loves them. She had a hard time switching from bottle to cup and the nuby cups are the only ones she would take. They do leak a bit if you turn them upside down and shake them. But I know through experience with my first daughter who is now 4, that no matter what they advertise there is not a sippy cup out there that does not leak a little. I like these because they are inexpensive and if my daughter throws one out of the stroller and looses it or the nipple doesn't work over time they are cheap to replace. I give these a 5star!!!!

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  • gordon24nfn By  gordon24nfn    

    My twins quickly found they could push the silicone spout inward and make a puddle to play in. And one good chomp and they were useless. I only bought 2, but will never buy another. This is so disappointing because Nuby makes some really good products.

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  • lindseyweger By  lindseyweger    

    This sippy cup, is how I get my kids off of the bottle before they are 1. I would rather it leak a little, than my kids to be 4 years old walking around with a bottle!

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  • mg1225 By  mg1225    

    I like the look and feel of these, the colors can be for boys or girls. They are every easy for my baby to hold. If left upside down, they will leak but i have not had any problem with the nipples tearing or anything. I did have to bleach them though because they got stained after just a couple of uses (my daughter only drank water form them but they seem to collect color from whatever is being washed in the dishwasher).

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  • romantikitty69 By  romantikitty69    

    I bought this cup for my son because it looked like he would be able to drink out of it better. Well I've had to buy a different set of cups because be would hit the spout on his highchair tray and THEY LEAK! I would wipe up more of the juice than he drank. They're cheap but still not worth the money.

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  • talbott4 By  talbott4    

    I've been trying some different cups lately and this one went in the garbage. We would carefully line the nipple up with the ring and make sure the whole top got screwed on perfectly. I would even shake it a couple times over the sink to make sure everything was assembled correctly. Even with all that, my daughter would start drinking and half the time her drink would start pouring out where the ring connects to the cup. Waste of money! I have liked a cup made by Munchkin that looks very similar to this one (soft top).

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