Bumbo Baby Seat

Bumbo Baby Seat

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I loved this chair for my baby. He sat up perfectly, and the tray made it even more helpful for me when it was feeding time or even playtime.

My baby girl really lives sitting in get bumbo seat!! But my baby is 5 and half months old and weighs right at 19 lbs get little thoughts are chunky as can b so it's kinda a tight squeeze on her legs they could of made the leg holes a little bigger!! But overall she loves to sit in it instead odd lay!!!

I love this because it helps the child sit up sooner

Whoever invented this was a genius! My 6 month old daughter would get so frustrated at laying in his rocker during his awake times. She wanted to see what was going on around him, so this was the perfect solution. She is just happy as a clam sitting in her Bumbo and observing everyone from an upright position. It also helped ensure that the shape of his head stayed round, instead of becoming flat like so many babies who are left to lay on their backs for long periods of time (not the case with our baby!). Highly recommend!

My daughter is in the 95th percentile for height and weight at 5 months. She carries most of that weight in her thighs. Seriously, they are a scary sight to behold. I don't know how big these other kids thighs are, because while hers may occasionally be a little snug when removing her from the chair, it's not a comfort issue while she sits in it. She does have some wiggle room. She loves this chair. Loves sitting up in general, so the chair gives me a break from constantly having her on my lap. But sitting in the chair does have its price. No matter when I put her in it, full or empty stomach, she spits up. A lot. Repeatedly. Now she doesn't care, but it does make quite a mess sometimes. I guess it helps with the gas and digestion, which is good. And if it isn't coming out that end, well you can imagine where else the digestion is showing itself. Thankfully, this is an easy to clean chair. My issue with the chair is the stupid seat belt. And I mean stupid. It's positioned in a way that it's almost impossible to use. While there is a way to adjust the strap on either side, you can't adjust the height of the middle T clip. It's set too low to use without poking and prodding your child for minutes at a time and even then you're risking catching the chubby legs in the clip. And just how safe is it really making this seat? The odds of your child climbing out of it - slim. The odds of it tipping over with your child inside, much greater. And the seat belt is only ensuring that the are still connected to the seat while lying on their face. Helpful.

my baby loves to sit up in this seat and just babble. I love this product!

I used this seat when my daughter was a baby. It was very helpful during feeding times because she held still and could not wiggle away or slip around like in a high chair. It also helped support her back and help her muscles grow stronger. I bought mine second hand and then sold it off again when I was done with it, and I must say it is a very durable product. However, I am glad I did not have to purchase it brand new because they are somewhat pricey.

Ok product. It basically helps your 3-6 month old learn to sit up straight. It's great for its intended purposes.

I am not a mother yet, but I have nannied for several years and the babies that I watched all loved the Bumbo! It helped them sit and feel included in the activities going on around them. It was also easy to bring with wherever because it is light and easy to carry. We loved it! I will be buying one when I have children.

I love the bumbo w/ the tray. Until baby starts back flipping out. Use it how you're supposed to & no skull fractures!!

I love the Bumbo for months 3-6 I feel that it really helps strengthen their muscles and helps them be able to sit up sooner. However my daughter started to flip herself out of it at about 7 months. It scares me,

I wasn't a big fan. I bought one and by the time my son was able to use it he was so long that it was uncomfortable for him to use.

I like this because it helps my child sit up, but his legs get stuck in the leg part

My little one loved his bumbo, he sat in it everyday and it really helped his balance, he was sitting up on his own right around 4 months

I originally bought one second hand. Later after seeing reports of injuries, I took advantage of a trade in event for a brand with safety straps. I believe there's been a recall since offering owners straps for Bumbo as well.