Schick Intuition Plus Razor

Schick Intuition Plus Razor

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shaves really well but the cream bar goes too fast. it also goes unevenly. otherwise it shaves great but need to lower price or include more in package.

These razor are one of the best out there for women I love the easy glide and the way the razor seem to pivot around the curves in my legs,No knicks at all

I really like these razors. I get a pretty close shave and the built in softer is awesome. My daughter switched to using these as well. My legs feel so smooth after my shave and I don't need a moisturizer! The problem is the needs to come down.

Personally don't think these are worth the money, I don't get that close of a shave, and they don't seem to last that long. I would rather use a regular razor and shave cream then these.

I have mixed feelings about this razer....on the on hand I like that I can't cut myself..and how soft my legs are after....but I don't feel like I get all the hair so to say.....when I used shaving cream with a razor I was able to see the sections I missed ...for example the back of my leg......

These work ok but not the best. The refills are expensive. You also have to keep it dry between shavings because it wears away like soap. One plus is that it doesn't snag as you're shaving.

I like these razors for traveling. The all in one is a nice feature but when Im at home I dont know if they are worth it. They are a bit pricey, and I can spend less buying shaving cream and razors and they last longer. I dont think that I get as close a shave with these either. Convenient though.

I personally would rather use my hubby's (shave lasts longer w his) It just seems that yes it moisterizes but you have stubble really soon and if anyone's like me I get a 5 oclock shadow if I dont shave really close. Now for my daughter who is a beginner shaver, I love it...she doesn't cut herself as much as not having. So I guess that puts me half n half...hmmm

Very good razors just a little expensive but worth every penny!

This is the only razor that I will ever use! I was hooked from the first time using it. If they ever stop making them, I will hoard the refill blades to last the rest of my life! I have even caught my husband using it on his face! They need to come up with something like this for men to shave with!

awesome razor! no shaving cream needed, just wet and go, fool proof and easy, no nicks or cuts it doesnt get any easier to use

I have been using this product for about 2-3 years now and I love it! It's so easy and very time friendly. I don't have to use any prep at all and I can just wet my legs and go at it. Hands down would not change razors and is the best product that I've ever used. The refills can get a little pricy, depending on the pack you get, but it's definately worth the time that you get back. It's very easy when you are running late in the morning and need a quick shave.

Recently able to purchase the Schick Intuition for free with a coupon and wish I'd tried it sooner. I have dark brown thick leg hair so the littlest amount of growth shows in the summer time. Just used it this morning and cannot believe how smooth my legs were afterwards. With the built in "shaving cream" I don't have to lather up first. Didn't end up wit razor burn or stubbles. Hoping to find coupons for the refills so I continue to try this out.

Bought this for my beginner shaver (daughter) No cuts yet!!

This is a very good product for my sensitive skin. It is easier to use than trying to use shaving cream along with a razer in the shower. My skin is less irritated with this product.