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  • aeryka310 By  aeryka310    

    These bottles are so awesome!!! When my daughter was a colicky infant, there was a pretty noticeable difference when we switched to dr brown bottles. I thought that with the extra parts, they would be horrible to clean but as long as you rinse the bottle immediately after use, it's just an extra step to swipe them with the little cleaning brush. these are the only bottles i'll ever use!

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  • qtswetgrl27 By  qtswetgrl27    

    Love them!! My son used them from infant. At his center, they provided another brand of bottles, and he would come home gassy, and uncomfortable. I got a Doctor's note, and provided his Dr. Brown bottles...and VIOLA! no more gas! This past year, the Center actually changed to the Dr. Brown bottles for the infants! Only downside is cleaning..but AWESOME BOTTLES!! LOVE THEM!!

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  • sykick By  sykick    

    I tried these with my colicky son. They allow just as much air back in as traditional bottles so they did absolutely nothing to help. Cleaning was a hassle, taking too much time I needed to tend to my family.

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  • GetUpAndTryAgain By  GetUpAndTryAgain    

    I love products by Dr.Brown! Their products are alittle expensive BUT well worth every penny!

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  • maherrma By  maherrma    

    These were the best bottles I tried. Everything else I tried leaked or my son didn't like the flow . My son is now 2 and we plan on using these for the up and coming baby on the way. They are a little pricey but so worth it plus I try to catch them when they are on sale!!!

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  • ashley525 By  ashley525    

    I used these bottles with both of my girls and they did not seem to work from them. I even tried them with my son who is 3 months and they didnt work for him either. I tried several bottles for him; dr. browns, avent, nuk, playtex ventair and a few more. Finally, I decided to use the playtex dropins (which I had never tried or even thought of trying before), and these bottles were a life saver for my son. No air gets into his stomach, (since you can gently push the bottom of the bag, releasing all of the air out through the nipple), and they are easy to clean. The only downside is having to purchase the bottle liners on a weekly basis. A little more expensive but totally worth the price!!

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  • winterjones By  winterjones    

    The bottles are nice but I switched after my son was about 3 months old. They cost a lot, I gave my old ones to a friend and she swears by them.

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  • myboogiewoogie By  myboogiewoogie    

    Best bottles ever for reflux babies!

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  • SarahLynn10 By  SarahLynn10    

    These bottles are awesome! When my son was born in January 2010 we started out using other bottles but switched to Dr. Browns when he started spitting up a lot. They helped so much. The only downside is they are a pain to clean.

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  • brandyjosepi By  brandyjosepi    

    These are the best bottles i have found. My daughter never had any problem with gas after i switched to these. The parts are a pain to clean, but so is puke.....like the parts better because it cut down on the other problem.

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  • LauraJ1021 By  LauraJ1021    

    The ONLY bottles I will ever use! They are the best! they work really well and never had a problem with air getting to my child. They are just WONDERFUL!!!

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  • fakeha By  fakeha    

    i want to try this

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  • david62803 By  david62803    

    I love these bottles. Best ones I have used, and I have tried several different kinds.

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  • baber326 By  baber326    

    I loved these bottles for my granddaughter.She had reflux so bad that these bottles were literally a life saver . They do have alot of parts to clean but it is worth the time.

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  • knm5800 By  knm5800    

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these bottles!!! They truly are a lifesaver. When my son was about 4 weeks old, he started getting colicy. A pediatric ARNP recommended them to me. Within 2 days, he was much better. no more crying after every feed. They are a bit of a pain to clean but so worth it. My son is now 4 years old and I now use the bottles with my 8 month old daughter.

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