Universal Pictures The Secret Life of Pets

Universal Pictures The Secret Life of Pets

              Rated #18 in Movies
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93% Recommended
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Loved it! Myself and my children loved this movie! Couldn't have been cuter!

cute but not amazing i liked this movie but i don't really stand out to me as a favorite or anything

Great movie! Such a cute family movie! Me my husband and one year old watched it and we all loved this movie it kept us entertained until the end and was so funny I would tell everyone to watch this movie and give it a try it's one the whole family will enjoy definitely recommend this movie

Hilarious Must See This is a hilarious must see especially if you have pets. I must say it makes me wonder what my pets get into whilst I'm gone. I have found myself checking to see if they had any parties or have been messing with my music. I know I'm crazy but this does make you wonder. I love this movie and so did my children even the older ones got a kick out of it.

Family movie night for the win! We waited until it was out on demand but one day we rented The Secret Life Of Pets for a family movie night. The kids wanted to watch it and I for sure did! It was great. It was funny for the kids and adults (for myself at least, my husband wasn't really paying attention). I say it's a must watch!

Secret Life Of Pets I took my kids to watch this movie when it came out and unfortunately theu didn't care for it and neither did I. I was expecting it to be a great family comedy, and some parts were funny...but it was disappointing overall for myself and all 4 of my children.

Our family is in love with this movie!! It's very funny and entertaining for all ages. I have not met one person yet that doesn't like the secret life of pets we have watched this movie several times

Love this movie! My 5 year old daughter absolutely loved this movie! so cute and funny, a must see movie!

A great family movie. This movie was super cute, entertaining and funny. My little girls thoroughly enjoyed it but were a little afraid when introduced to the underground animals in the movie. Overall, its a great kids choice movie.

Cute little movie I took my nephew to see this movie,it was so cute and funny. My nephew was like what id our pets really did do stuff like that when no one is home.

This is a movie that would inspire others to consider adoption. It even brought the question of what our pets do while we're at work. It also made me feel sorry for the Flushed Pets, who had been abandoned by their owners. It plays into the reality what some pets go through.

Best Movie in Awhile Great humor, story line, and lesson in the movie. Entertaining for kids and adults. We can't wait to buy it!

My boyfriend and I watched this a few weeks ago, and we laughed so had. I was actually sad when it was over, mostly because they don't make cartoon movies like this much anymore. I'll watch it again! 110% loved this movie!

Family movie A wonderful family movie! I love movies with animation! Me and my family watch this all together! 3 kids... 8, 5,2 they all really enjoyed it! Lots of laughs and smiles! I would recommend this movie to everyone!

Great Family Movie! The Secret Life of Pets was great! my two girls and me and my husband loved this movie.The movie has some great funny moments along with some cute moments.We were cheering for the main caricatures.