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  • kimmycoo99 By  kimmycoo99    

    Great for a quick cleanse

    Micellar water has changed the way I cleanse my face forever! I use it mainly when I'm too tired to go through my normal million step routine by just dampening a washcloth and wiping away all my makeup and oil. It's really refreshing and a little goes a long way.

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  • SarahLynn10 By  SarahLynn10    


    This product is awesome! It is gentle on my skin but does a great job removing my makeup.

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  • Aricart By  Aricart    

    Love it

    This is perfect for my face and remove my makeup very well.

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  • ccollier1985 By  ccollier1985    

    Works great

    Doesn't dry out skin. Leaves skin soft with no residue. Great for even waterproof mascara

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  • samarakoch By  samarakoch    

    I really like this makeup remover. I only wear a little bit of makeup, a little concealer and mascara, and this works great with some cotton pads. It makes my face feel clean and there is no weird residue.

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  • Mandyfm75 By  Mandyfm75    

    These are just a waste of money

    I am not a fan of these Miceller waters. They have been proven to have no real purpose or even actually do anything for your skin. They are a gimmick/ trend that came out. And they are really just over priced water. If you are going to use something that is gonna be worth while use witch hazel. It is much better, removes makeup and helps reduce pore size, blemishes, fine lines and discoloration And if you don?t believe me the drs actually spoke about these as well and how they really have no purpose except to make money of of people thinking they really do something

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  • cynthiacrosby By  cynthiacrosby    

    Cleans your contour sponge like new!

    I received this product to use in my BA Kit as a L'Oreal Ambassador, for makeup sampling, I used the left over product at home, and I was so impressed at how it cleaned my contour sponge, it is so impressive and light as water. I highly recommend this product.

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  • JanLynn By  JanLynn    


    My favorite makeup remover! I have very sensitive skin and this doesn?t effect my skin at all!

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  • Annekelle By  Annekelle    

    Back to Basic

    This ia the only makeup remover, especially around my eyes, that I have never had any burning sensation and am abke to open my eyes withoit any stinging or redness. It is also very refreshing.

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  • jackbloss By  jackbloss    

    Great product for sensitive skin and eyes

    I love this makeup remover! I wear contacts and have very sensitive eyes, and this does a great job of getting all my makeup off without irritating my eyes or skin. It's gentle but super powerful. It doesn't require a lot of product to cleanse your whole face. I use one cotton pad with a splash of the water, and I can get a full face of makeup completely removed.

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  • Elle117 By  Elle117    

    Lazy Gals Game Changer

    Love to start the make up removal ritual off with this modern day lazy gal game changer. Keep the cotton balls and the bottle on the nightstand, If I dont remove my make up Ill be broke out by morn. I still feel I have to wash also, but at least I get the grime off, just in case I crash.

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  • rosie80 By  rosie80    

    I love this product. It is so gentle to my skin. My skin does not get irritated or a burning sensation. Its very cooling and I feel it deep cleans my skin. It smells amazing, a small amount goes a long way. Also prize is very affordable and you can purchase just about anywhere. Totally recommend it.

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  • Introvert20 By  Introvert20    

    My staple product!! I love it!

    I've been using this product for 8 months now, maybe more but I absolutely love this cleansing water by Garnier. Personally I'm not a makeup user but I still use this as my face wash daily and it makes my face feel so clean and look so bright. Sometimes I get compliments on my skin.

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  • KubiakH By  KubiakH    

    I love this product I use it everyday and it has never caused me any issues. It doesn't dry my skin out like other products.

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  • cheyeannoliver By  cheyeannoliver    

    Really enjoyed this. its easy to use and does a great job of getting all of your make up off and not leaving your skin feeling dry.

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