DripDrop Hydration Powder - Berry

DripDrop Hydration Powder - Berry

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Great concept. I like this better than having to buy the big bottles on the other hydration liquids. But like the other reviews are saying its salty and the taste is off. I wish this came in an unflavored powder so you can mix it with another juice to mask the taste

I was surprised that I preferred berry over the lemon. Less aftertaste. Super hydrating!

Better then the lemon one, but still not a product I would recommend it.

I received the sample of DripDrop Hydration Powder in Berry through SheSpeaks. I really liked the taste of Berry and plan to buy this soon. I also liked the hydration benefits of this product and it seemed to really help me throughout my workout.

This flavor was better, then the lemon, for me, but my boys still didn't like it. I was interest in this product especially for them but since they didn't like it, I am giving it a poor rating.

Better than the lemon flavor. Not something I'd purchase on a regular basis but would be good to help stay hydrated on hot days.

Tasted better than the lemon flavor.

I like this flavour better then Lemon one, however it was gritty. Will not re-purchase it.

I had mixed feeling on the Berry. I liked it much better than the lemon. It still was gritty and hard to mix thoroughly. The taste wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. It was just OK. The good news is I could drink it, there wasn't a nasty aftertaste and I felt hydrated. I was able to drink my water quota for the day with something a little different which is always a good thing. I like the concept, the ease of use for on the go and am overall satisfied with the Berry flavor. This product would be outstanding if you could just improve the flavors a bit. I would recommend Berry.

This tasted a little better than the lemon flavor. It still had the gritty after taste, which I'm not sure if I didn't mix it well enough, even though I mixed and shook it for a bit. It does help to quench your thirst like powerade/Gatorade does.

I like this flavor and found it to be hydrating and not too sweet.

Worked great when I had a cold and needed extra fluids. Sweet flavor, but, I prefer the lemon.

I only tried one sip because I was drinking the lemon flavor. But my 8 year old son said it tasted better than juice!

I am an avid exerciser. I drink lots of water all day long. I'm always looking for something to flavor it & add vitamins. The Drip Drop berry flavor tasted good but was a little on the sweet side. So, I just added more water to it until it tasted the way I liked. Would definitely buy product if the price was comparable to what I am currently using.

I didn't really like this one at all. I liked the lemon flavor a bit more. Overall, my main problem was that it made the water feel thick and not refreshing to drink. It did make me feel refreshed and helped me to not feel dehydrated- but I couldn't get past the texture and thickness. In a pinch, this would be good to have in my backpack on hike or such- but I don't know that I would use either flavor regularly to deal with thirst with my kids or dehydration- unless it was urgent. Thanks for the samples.