Aveda Naturally Straight

Aveda Naturally Straight

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I have used this for about a week and Did not achieve the results stated. It made my hair greasy and I still had to blow dry and use a straigtener. It did not keep my hair straight for 3 washes. I had to blow dry and straighten after every wash. I think this product may be for those who have extremely dry and slightly wavy hair. I don't think the smell is bad, like others have stated, but I certainly wouldn't buy this product. I have achieved similar or better results with other products that cost less.

It does make my hair straighter but the smell is just bad.

Unfortunately, this product didn't work well for me. It made my hair greasy and flat. The smell is also quite strong.

This product made my hair straight but it also made it very flat and it looked a bit greasy. I have fine hair so I wouldn't recommend this product unless you have thicker hair.

After two weeks no change for me at all. My hair flips under on the bottom just below my shoulders, and I thought this product would make it straight all the way down and there has been no change. I also felt my hair was flatter after using this. The scent was fine and not too greasy, but not a product I would use again.

I have curly hair and wear it in loose curls. I use a small amount of this and it does seem to help control the frizz. I don't like smell at all! Too overpowering and unpleasant. It also makes my hair feel dirty, although it doesn't look greasy. So-so product--not sure I would buy it. I've used others that work as well or better and smell a whole lot better.

I was very excited to receive this because I love Aveda however I am pretty disappointed. It didn't make one difference in my hair. It doesn't have the best smell but it wasn't offending either. Wish I could write something positive but it's a no go for me. I have thick, wavy corse hair.

Maybe it's my hair texture or maybe it was user error, but I wasn't very impressed with this product. I was real excited to see whether this product would make my naturally wavy hair straight, but it still seemed frizzy as well as greasy. Maybe I added too much, but I tried this product on a few different occasions and my hair continued to look the same and look greasy. I'm thinking if I had a different hair texture (maybe curly), this might work better. However, if your hair is almost already straight, this doesn't seem to do the trick. I hope everyone had a better experience.

I felt this product did work to make my hair less frizzy and straighten easier. However after a few days use I felt it was building up in my hair because my hair felt heavy and had less body. I think it is something that for me I would only use every two or three days and that works much better for me.

I didn't really care for this product. I wasn't a fan of the smell of the product. Also, I have this uneven curl in my hair and the product really did nothing to help straighten it. I was disappointed.

I was excited to try Aveda Naturally Straight, but was disappointed. I have naturally wavy/curly hair when I tried the product I felt that my hair looked greasy after using. Hoping everyone else had a better experience.

I recently finished up chemo, and my hair grew back very curly. I was really hoping this product would help straigten my hair, or at least make it more manageable. However, I didn't notice much change with the texture or curl. I did like the smell of the product, and I didn't notice the "greasy" feel that other reviewers have stated. I was disappointed overall.

This product did not work for me. Yeah, when I added Tons of it after washing, it made it easier to dry straight, however the next time I washed my hair was as curly as ever. Used it 5x in a row and then expected it to be straight as advertised, but it was my normal curly, frizzy hair :(

I was super excited to try this but not happy with the outcome. I used it a few times but it was just making my hair to oily to continue. I wash my hair the night before and by morning it felt terrible! I don't have time to wash in the morning and using this product I would definitely have to.

I love aveda products but this simply didn't work. It felt greasy & it didn't make my curls less. I still have to use the straight iron.