Aveda Naturally Straight

Aveda Naturally Straight

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I thank you for letting me try this Aveda Naturally Straight product. My hair is semi straight with slight waves at the bottom. Maybe my hair wasn't long enough are too thin, but I really didn't see that much of a difference. If anything, it seemed to weigh my hair down. The main problem I had was the smell...I did not like it at all. The good thing was that it didn't last long so I was able to tolerate it. This product could be great for some, but not me

I loved this product. I was initially skeptical, and honestly didn't think that it was something that I would purchase, just because I felt the price was high! After using it though, I do believe I will be buying it on a regular basis. I loved what it did for my wavy hair, and it worked even better on my daughter's curly hair! I would definitely recommend to others!

I have fine, curly, frizzy hair and it's very difficult to find a product that can straighten and defrizz without weighing my hair down or making it greasy. This product worked well, but was not perfect. I did not notice any difference in the drying time or the time my hair stayed straight after (5) uses. In fact, my hair was a disaster after sleeping on it even with a satin pillowcase. On very humid days, it did not hold out against the frizz but on normal days it did fight the frizz better than most products I have tried. Overall, I would continue to use since my options are limited and this provided me with 2 out of the 3 features I want in a product,

I was really excited at the chance to review this product. I thought I was going to instantly have straighter healthier hair. Although I didn't achieve that I was still happy with the frizzy hair smooth and the shine along with the smell. Overall I liked the product. I still had to use my straightener but my hair was less frizzy and smelled great.

The Aveda Naturally Straight is one of my new favorite products! It has a great lemony scent that I really love & it makes my hair extra soft & shiny. It does a better job when you blow dry straight & then flat iron vs if you were just to let air dry but that is the point of the product. I like that it doesn't weigh my hair down or make it hard & crunchy. It makes it more shiny, soft, & definitely straighter. Will definitely be repurchasing.

Didn't really know if there would be such a drastic or at least noticeable difference but there is. I love how easy it is to use, dry and go. No more burning my hair with a flat iron. I've also noticed my hair just looks better. Healthier, shinier, and easier to manage.

I loved Aveda Smooth Infusion! Not only did it smell great, but it did keep my hair straighter / less frizzy throughout the day! Usually, I spend a lot of time blow drying my thick hair, and then more time with the flat iron. While I didn't notice reduced drying time, I thought the product offered a big improvement on the time with the straightener. I have had my hair chemically relaxed in the past, and I think this product offers the same benefits without the hassle and cost of a chemical relaxer. I have colored my hair at home, and thought this product even did great on my color-treated hair. Very satisfied with the product and would definitely recommend to friends!

Nice idea, but I'm not sure it is necessary. It definitely is not a time saver! The first time I used it, I got carried away doing a bunch of other things around the house (like I'm sure other moms are familiar with!) and was not able to dry my hair. It worked as a detangler, but did not help with straightening without heat styling (pretty high up on my wish list!). With subsequent uses and drying, it worked as a great smoother, but I still needed to use a straightener to achieve the results I was looking for.

I was initially intrigued with the product because of the claim that after three uses your hair would be straighter. When I first used the product, I loved the smell and how it didn't feel sticky in my hands as I applied it. I dried my hair like I normally do (hair dryer and round brush) and didn't seem to notice a difference in the drying time or how straight my hair became (I have naturally wavy/loose curls when left to air dry). I continued to use the product for the rest of the week (4 days). I still noticed no difference in the overall straightness of my hair. The weather during this time was rainy/damp and I noticed that once I was outside my hair would become wavy again. Over the weekend I did try the product and added a flat iron to my styling routine. I achieved straight hair but again no more than I normally would with a dryer, brush and flat iron. I was overall disappointed with the results versus the claims of this product. I would not purchase this product at a salon for myself.

Not sure why I am being asked to do another review to complete participation but I am. I liked this so much that it is not really even that annoying to do this twice! The product seemed to add texture to my hair in addition to the straight effects, like that a lot! I prefer to use a few swipes of the hot press afterwards and I could run out the door, so in effect this adds 15-20 minutes to my morning! Works great and saves me time double bonus. If it really lasted for days I would give five starts but for me it did not. Added bonus though...use this with the dryer and no brush and I end up with perfect beach waves that last through the day!!

I appreciate the opportunity to try this product. While I loved the smell & texture, this was not a miracle product for me. I have super fine, naturally wavy, bleached hair & it really did not make flat ironing any easier or help prolong the style. Living in humid Florida, I did however notice an improvement in frizz which is a tremendous plus. My hair does take some time to get used to products, so I will continue using with the hopes that it will tame my hair to performing as promised.

This is a very helpful product. I have wavy hair and I like to wear it straight. This product does an excellent job. It does not leave my hair greasy or limp as many products of this type do. I would highly recommend.

Such a great item! I'm one of those people that just hates blow drying my hair. Mostly because it looks frizzy and dry and drives me nuts the rest of the day. From my first couple uses of the Aveda Naturally Straight I noticed such a huge difference. It cut down on my drying time, was substantially less frizzy and wasn't dry. Even my Husband who rarely comments on such things made a comment about how well it worked! I've used a few Aveda items in the past and one thing is always true.. they smell great. I was a little on the fence with this one though. I couldn't really tell if I liked it or if it just smelled weird.

As a shespeaks member you get the chance to try out new products. I was a lucky one and got to try out the aveda smooth infusion. Its for those who have loosen curls or wavy hair for a straight style. So, how does this work you apply the creame to towel dry hair in sections, you can use towel dry, blow dryer or flat iron. This has also been tested on all types of curly hair. It is safe for relaxed and colored treated hair. This creame helps progressive loosens curls to have a straighten hair look, a plant derived fibers attach to the hair helping hold your straighten hair for days. I use this once a week as it holds my curls straight for weeks at a time. it also defends the friz that comes along with the curls. I was very happy with this product and would recommend this to family and friends who have difficulty keeping the straight hair look , it can be used for a regular day or a girls night out on the town.

This product is wonderful. It makes it so easy to comb out my hair and manage the curls and frizz. would highly recommend this product for people with curly unruly hair:)