Gillette Hydrator Body Wash

Gillette Hydrator Body Wash

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My husband enjoyed the body wash. The scent was pleasant and he had no complaints!

My hubby and son loved this body wash. It smells great and not too strong. I rarely buy strong scents due to my daughters asthma. However, she loved it and used it as well.

My son tried it and liked it.

My son used this product and loved it. It has a strong masculine smell and really works well for boys or men who perspire a lot!

My son loved this body wash and he is very hard to please. He said it made his skin feel good and I just love the way he smells after using it. It's our new favorite body wash!

This body wash is so refreshing and it moisturizes very well. The smell is nice without being overwhelming.

My husband has been complaining about how dry his skin is lately since the weather heated up and this seems to have done the trick! He really liked it.

This smells wonderful and keeps dry skin hydrated. It also has a rich and thick lather which my husband and son both love.

Both my husband and son have tried this Gillette Body Wash and it works great! It smells awesome and The scent lasts a long time ...It is also very moisturizing htMy hubby's dry skin was gone after the first use!

My husband said this is one of the best body washes. He said it was silky and washed well Great product!

My son really liked this. He does running sports and so works out hard and looks forward to a nice refresh after his workouts. He likes the convenience of a body wash, and liked the fragrance also.

My son liked the fragrance and it made his skin soft. My husband didn't like the fragrance.

My husband and son smell sooooooo good!

nice scent for a male, lasts a long time

A body wash that hubby likes and I don't mind?? A miracle! I have a super sensitive nose, so I am turned off my most of the body washes that my husband loves. This one is just strong enough for him, but mild enough for me to actually enjoy the smell. It's a winner!