Bath & Body Works PocketBac Hand Sanitizer

Bath & Body Works PocketBac Hand Sanitizer

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I love these portable hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works. The smells are so wonderful

I have them everywhere!!! I can't get enough of these hand-sanitizers. There's literally a scent for everyone and their convenient size and super cute holders allows me to carry them anywhere and everywhere. My friends and I always take advantage of the 5 for $5 sale to stock up on them.

My daughter loves these hand sanitizers. We buy a lot of them when they go on sale and she has cute holders for them. Easy to carry in in backpack. They smell great. We even keep them in the car.

My kids love this hand sanitizer and collect the cute holders for them to hang on their backpacks.

I love these products! Perfect for a busy lifestyle, they are small enough to take with you wherever you go. They come in a wide variety of scents to suit everyone's tastes.

Love this stuff. Smells great while sanitizing. Loved using while I was in customer service around people all day and handling gross money.

Love these mini hand sanitizers. They are great to attach to my purse and my childrens backpacks!

Our family uses these all the time and we love them! They work great, are a convenient size and smell wonderful! We buy them when they are on sale 5 for $5

I LOVE these things! My mom and I probably have at least 20 of them combined, and we keep them everywhere. They're especially handy for when you're filling up on gas (those pumps are disgusting)- just keep one in the door handle of your car! They also make cute little holders for them in order to attach it to your purse. However/wherever you decide to use them, they're really conveniently sized and undoubtedly come in some scent you'll love.

I really love these little sanitizers. They smell great, work good, and don't cost that much. Easy to fit into your purse or put around your house for guests. I typically try to get them when they're on sale for 5 for $5.

I always keep one of these in my purse and also in my car. I love to be able to quickly sanitize my hands anywhere!

Love for me, the kiddos, gifts, all around. Can't go wrong with this and almost always 5 for $5!

I like that they cost a dollar and are convenient to carry, however they are a little sticky. If it weren't for that, I'd score higher. Love the scents but I won't get too attached to any scent from BnB because I know that they don't keep them around long.

I love these! It has everything from amazing smells to cute packaging!!!!

Bath & Body Works can not make a bad product in my book. I have used everything they have, their hand sanitizer is a must have and has the best the smells