Secret Scent Expressions Cocoa Butter Kiss Body Splash

Secret Scent Expressions Cocoa Butter Kiss Body Splash

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Light, summery scent. Perfect for freshening up.

Love the smell of this! It reminds me of laying in the sun and enjoying the Summer weather.

I buy this spray on a regular basis. It is a light spray that you can reapply throughout the day and know that you are not going to be too overpowering with it. I love the smell.

While I love the deoderant, the spray isn't one of my favorite products. I wish it has more of a beachy coconut smell, but it didn't. I didn't catch much coconut smell at all, and it didn't really remind me of summertime. I am glad that others like it, though!

I love to wear body sprays to work since the scent is lighter than my normal go to perfume. This one is great for the summer. It is sweet and beachy but not an over powering sunsceen smell. It is perfect for someone looking foor an alternative to floral scents

lightly scented. honestly if a scent could lift someones spirits, i think this one did. goes on clean doesn't get sticky, the only thing i didn't like was that the scent didn't last a long time. I will have to reapply it. I like that the scent is not over powering though.

I don't usually wear perfume/body sprays, so at first I thought this was just a nice little bonus to the partner deodorant I received. However I finally tried it as a quick freshen up before heading out, and I love it! It is not at all overbearing and is very appropriate for summer. I am slowly working it into my daily "must-haves" and am definitely thinking this will be a routine purchase.

love the smell. It is very fresh and brings me back to the day's or coconut suntan oil.. I am not one for floral scents and hate anything strong so this one is for me.. The best part is my husband likes it too, and he is not one for floral scents either.. Thanks!!

I loved the scent. Smells like summertime...reminds me of suntan lotion and i love that scent.

Again, just like the deodorant, this was W-A-A-A-Y too cloyingly sweet and I don't want to smell like caramel corn all day and that's what this cocoa butter scent reminded me of. My preference is fresh, clean florals or spicy, herbal scents but not sweet. Sorry but not for me.

This smells so nice! Makes me feel like I am at the beach! Not over powering, just right. I spray on after shower and matched with the deoderent its perfect!!