Skintersection Intense Repair Cream

Skintersection Intense Repair Cream

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This was for my girlfriend who has issues with peeling and dry skin on her hands. This worked very well,, but did not stop the peeling. I have been looking for something to help her so whenever I get a sample of a super quality hand cream it goes straight into a special bag for her. I know we'll find the right one soon.

I've been looking for a good, intense skin cream since my favourite jar seems to be discontinued now. I'm particular because even "unscented" creams still have a scent to me. This one is perfect. No scent. Sinks in easily. No residue. I am completely sold!! I rarely give five stars because I like to always keep room for improvement. This one--this gets five full stars and a permanent place in my medicine cabinet!

I love Intense Repair Cream. I first application of this product left me feeling like WOW!!

After using this my skin is so smooth and I am looking forward to buy these

Nice product...just in time for summer! It has a thick consistency but it is not greasy and doesn't have a strong fragrance. I'm using it on my feet and it absorbs nicely. I recommend!

This is a lovely, thick cream that is perfect for dry skin. I'm trying it out on my poor, dry heels. It absorbs instantly and doesn't leave any sticky residue. The cream feels nice on my dry skin too - a treat for thirsty heels. The cream does not really have a fragrance - you would not know by the smell that there is menthol! (Menthol is good for irritated skin but they use an odorless type). Overall, I like it a lot.

I love how thick the cream is and how it does not leave you skin oily or greasy feeling. There is nearly no scent to it as well which is a big plus cause you never want a cream or lotion to fight with you perfume scent you are wearing. That lets you use it more frequently since there will be no clashing of scents!! Great product! I am using it everyday and my feet/heels and elbows and whatever is left to cover my hand and nails.

I didn't think this was very special. It felt like regular lotion to me and I didn't see improvement in my feet or hands. Not a bad product, but was expecting it to be a bit more "intense". The smell is not strong nor was it greasy.

This cream is keeping my feet looking great. This is a good one for the summer

This repair cream is helping to keep my feet looking good for flip-flops. My feet dry out very quickly and this has been the first cream that I have used that actually made a difference. I make sure to apply it in the morning and then again at bedtime with socks over when I'm done.

Love this cream especially fory dry hands its not icky or sticky I left no CSI fingerprints anywhere. With me having worked in the skin care industry as a regional manager I have had the opportunity to try many products from all over the world and this one held its own. Goes to show it is not always the price of something that dictates how effective it is. Also love that its fragrance free

Very smooth skin after using.

OMG! I LOVE THIS! I used this the night I got it, I woke up and my hands felt like silk. It lasted all day long! I will be buying this for the summer! It's a great product!!!!

WOW!!! another super great skin product from Cravebox & Skintersection!!!!! Smooth, non greasy, thick creme easily absorbed in to my skin, the scent is so very light, it is a PLEASURE to use this skin creme, so very much needed here at the beach, a perfect time to send this creme...way to go Cravebox!!!!!!

I was thrilled when I got this. I always moisturize my hands and face everyday, but I always forget about my feet. The consistency and non scented smell are added bonuses. I have worked this into my daily routine, and my feet thank you!