Dawn Power Clean

Dawn Power Clean

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great for dishes and amazing for cleaning makeup brushes

Product only this detergent I use that gets my dishes extra clean and I actually can use Don on other things such as why do my kids face clean my dogs and other little things

This stuff really does stand up to its name, and is a powerhouse in the sink. It can practically pry any nasty food junk off of plates or bowls with just so much as a soak and does not dry out hands.

dawn is the only dish soap we use!

One word...AMAZING

never going back to generic brand . love this

This is the only dish product i use for my dishes, leaves Dishes squeaky clean.

Dawn has been a must in my home for years! I can depend on this product to do what it says. Awesome, clean dishes!

Dawn is the only dish soap I use. It's great on dishes, but also perfect for cleaning up my paintbrushes. I also like that the company tries to help save animals from oil spills. The animals don't always make it, but I like knowing that they are at least trying.

Im a faithful dawn user and finally broke down and decided to give the power wash version a try. In my honest opinion it does the same as regular dawn. Nothing spectacular. I do love dawn though because it works on every single thing you can imagine... Including fleas on your pets.

I love dawn soaps. they have a great smell and many to chose from. they great your dished super clean. they also help animals that have been involved in spills and such which i think is awesome

I ONLY use dawn disp soap, and this one is perfect for the dishes with stuck on food. Let my dishes soap for about 5 or 10 mintues and the gross wipes right off! I also use it to clean my fridge shelves.

Love how this takes grease off our dishes with ease. I also throw it in with my husbands chef coats to help take out the stains.

great for giving the dishes a good soak before placing them in the dishwasher. Sometimes our dishwasher is not as effective as it should be and Dawn gets the job done correctly! I use less energy with the dishwasher because of dawn. It's also easy on the hands which I love. I don't just use it as a dish detergent either. I love using it as a carpet shampoo it takes the stains right out! Multipurpose cleaner is always a plus!

this is one of my favorites,it gets my dishes clean and shiney