The Hunger Games Movie

The Hunger Games Movie

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Love the movie, I would really like to read the book to compare.I love Jennifer Lawrence as a character and bringing something new to the table with this type of movie.

Not nearly as good as the book, but movies never are. Still, it was good.

Good movie for the two young adults aka daughters still living in y house while finishing their education. I was a big Buffy the Vampire Killer fan and so for at least now nothing can top that show for me with regards to vampires and teenage love affairs.

I read the book and i can say that the movie is good enough. i like how the story is about a utopian society where a non-conformist challenges the rules of society.

I loved it, the movie was short, I wanted to more but the sequel made up for it. Very dark and intense.

After reading the books, I found this movie to be a HUGE disappointment. I really feel like they didn't do it any justice and they left out so many important pieces to the story line.

loved it cant wait for the next one

Great movie

I enjoyed watching the movie. I did not know anything about this until one of my friends asked me to see it with her and I am glad I did. The story line was good and fhe effects were top notch

Awesome movie loved the whole thing!

Great book and movie, my kids and husband loved it to, can't wait for the next one to be released.

If you have read the books then you would understand how much of a disappointment this movie is. She is told to find water, but apparently it doesn't matter because it's so easy to find! I did enjoy some of the action, but come on!

This us my favorite movie. She I'd a great actor and the underlying theme rings so true.

I love this movie. It did not disappoint at all and it was full of suspense.

Dark but intense! Loved it!