Silk  Pure Almond Unsweetened

Silk Pure Almond Unsweetened

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I am not really fond of it. I got to sample it and will stick with regular milk. The only time that I would ever use this is if there was a recipie that really needed it.

I am lactose intolerant and this works best for me. Of course, it's not gotten from a Would recommend this for someone whose "stomach" won't go well with regular milk. And it tastes good....I

I don't care for it by itself but it tastes fine when mixxed in coffee or tea.

I stopped drinking milk altogether after trying almond milk. It tastes sweeter to me and is great with my cereal. It's better for me and my family and has given us less stomach issues. I also love that it lasts longer and takes a while for it to go sour.

I am not a milk fan but I absolutely love this Almond milk! I love it on my cereal especially on granola, Yummy!!

i love this milk so much, but i have tried so many milks over the years

I don't care for the SILK brand. It is not smooth and has always been a little grainy tasting

Love this. The unsweetened is best and tastes great with cereal.

not a fan

I love the almond milk so much more than regular milk. I honestly don't think I could drink regular milk again after this.

I absolutely love almond milk! I started drinking it about two months ago and now this is all I buy. I would recommend it to everyone I know...Oh wait, I already have...LOL :-)

I wasn't a big fan of this drinking just straight from the glass, but in cereal, coffee, or a smoothie it's very good!

My young daughter began 'stuffed up' from too much regular milk so that was our best alternative to switch her too. Was hesitatant at first since I wasn't sure if she would like it but low and behold she did! She asked for it all the time now!

Love the flavor and the fact it's healthier than milk.

I only drink it because it's supposed to be the healthier option. I don't prefer it over milk.