Dryel 30min In-Dryer Cleaner

Dryel 30min In-Dryer Cleaner

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I was very happy to gte chosen for this, I have so many items that can be used for this. It was very easy to use and what you can use with them. The bag made it easy to put my sweaters in and then you put a cleaning cloth in with it. I put a sweater in with a couple stains and it came out smelling great and all the stains were removed. I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs to wash delciates at home.

This is a great product for cleaning the items that you would normally take to the dry cleaners. It leaves a nice scent on the clothing as well. I think it did a great job on the items I cleaned. I tried it on several different fabrics and all of them came out very nice.

Was great for my jeans but didn't really see a difference then regular washing, my dresses however came out amazing!!

This is a great way to clean delicate and dry clean only clothing! Extremely easy to use, saves you the hassle of going to drop off and pick up clothes and saves you money! I generally stay away from dry clean only clothing, I don't have the time to go or the money they charge at the Cleaners, with Dryel 30 Min in Dryer Dry Cleaner you don't have to anymore! It works great, smells good and gives you the results desired... This is a must have on your laundry shelf!

The product worked well on a sweater that had a lot of bead work on it. I have taken it to the dry cleaners before and this product worked as good as the professional cleaner. I will continue to use this on my good sweaters.

Good bye dry cleaner and hello dryel. Fresh smelling and easy to use. Plus it saves you that extra trip to the cleaner Ii have very few clothes that should be dry cleaned because i dont want to go the extra mile. Now i can because i can do it on my regular laundry trip. Great product.

I think Dryel is a great product to have when there is no time to get to the cleaners. I don't have many items that need to be dry cleaned so this product worked well for me. I used it for a top and pants that needed to be freshened up at the last minute. Dryel is easy and quick to use. My clothes came out smelling fresh and looked clean. I would buy this again to have on hand for quick dry cleaning needs.

Dryel is a must have for every household! It is great to have when you realize that your favorite blouse that you planned to wear needs to be dry cleaned. Thanks to Dryel my blouse was ready to be worn in 30 minutes. My blouse smelled clean and was wrinkle free. Dryel has saved me a lot of money that I used to spend on dry cleaning. I am also able to buy more dry clean only clothing because I know I will be able to use Dryel which is more affordable. The protection bag is reusable so I only had to buy more booster spray and cloths when I ran out. Dryel is always on hand at our home. I would definitely recommend Dryel to friends and family.

I wish that the stain removal was better, but it did make my husband's sports coats smell clean and fresh!

This is definately a great product to have handy for use in a pinch. The clothes did come out rejuvinated, but I can't shake the felling that the dry cleaners delivers a deeper clean.

I gave this product five stars simply because it works, and it saves money on my dry cleaning bill. It's easy to use, and I really enjoyed the experience of "not" having to go to the cleaners. I can do this from the convenience of home. I love it. My Dryel kit included one booster, 1 bag, and 2 cloths - enough to clean 2 loads, up to 4 garments per load. I love it. The Dryel box states this product has a breezy clean scent, and it does, very nice! I especially like that this product is environmentally friendly with no Phosphates, PERC or Trichloroethylene. As with just about any other product, keep away from children. I personally would keep this away from pets, too. - just my opinion. I will keep this product on hand. Thank you, She Speaks and Dryel for allowing me to try this product. You have a new fan.

I work in a office and need to keep my "good" close looking and smelling fresh. What a nice surprise that Dryel would do just that in a short time. Looks like I won't need to take my close to the dry cleaners much with this product. I cleaned two dresses and a blouse and they out perfect! Yes, I'll use Dryel again and again! Thank you for this offer! Off to the store I go!!

This at home dry cleaning kit is handy to have at home when your in a pinch. Last minute, I cleaned a dress shirt that I needed the next day, worked great. I will still take the bulk of dry cleaning to the cleaners but will have a couple of these kits on hand for last minute items.

We don't have dry cleaning to do very often (we mostly hand wash things that are delicate), but this product is a great option for those who don't want to pay for dry cleaning and having to go by the dry cleaner's deadlines, etc. Great product idea!

Used the Dryel kit on my husband's dress pants and dress shirt that had been hanging in the closet for years! They were covered in dust! Dryel did a fantastic job. They came out clean and smelling fresh!